Vividwireless launches Unlimited plan

Latest offering in the contentious 'unlimited' market

Vividwireless has launched the latest salvo in the war for end users, announcing what it claims to be the first fully unlimited wireless data plan.

The plan is priced at $75 per month, and, as per the company's acceptable use policy, only applies speed shaping where and when it determines that a user's service is adversely affecting the quality of the service received by other customers.

“If in our opinion your use of service is at any time so heavy at any time that it will adversely affect the quality of the service received by other customers, we may shape or slow your access to the network,” the terms read.

“Peer to peer data sharing software may fall into this category, and we may shape traffic of this kind or give it a lower priority if it is affecting our network.”

The unlimited plan also limits customers to using one device only per unlimited connection.

Vivid’s other plans allow a single connection to be split for use among as many as five devices.

According to a Vividwireless spokesperson, despite the potential for speed shaping, the plan was technically "unlimited" as there was no pre-defined point at which speed shaping would apply.

"If there was a customer who had an ongoing connection downloading unlimited all the time, and there was no impact on any other customer, there would be no action taken," the spokeseperson said.

"However, if I had a whole pile of customers on the 40Mbit plan and they were using the service in a way that they were trying to disrupt other users, then we would even be in a position to take action against those users. That is very standard, and we are trying to protect users, not us."

According to the spokesperson, having a clause around a user's service not adversely affecting other customers was in place to stop competitors activating a number of accounts and running them to the point where they affected the quality of Vivid's network.

The increasing number of unlimited data plans has been one of the more notable trends within the telecommunications market of late with Vodafone, Optus and AAPT all launching their own iterations.

In April, Optus rehashed the contentious "unlimited" moniker to describe some of its latest Naked ADSL2+ broadband plans. The company sought to differentiate these offers from less expensive plans by removing peak and off-peak time periods, allowing users to use all of the data quota at any time of day.

The move prompted AAPT to weigh in, debating what was, and what wasn’t, a truly unlimited data plan.

The trend toward unlimited plans has not come with out a cost. In June, Vodafone admitted that its unlimited data plan, tied exclusively to the iPad, was being rorted by some users.

Earlier this year, Vivid said it would take up to 12 months for the fledgling 4G service to be rolled out across the country from its initial launch site in Perth.

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