Y2K, Mergers Heighten E-mail Migration Need

The complexities of moving to Internet e-mail servers, managing year-2000 projects, and dealing with mergers are spurring powerful new tools and services that allow managers to migrate to, from, and among different types of messaging systems.

Wingra Technologies Inc. on Monday broadened its migration mechanisms and services to include moving among major client/server types in addition to helping users move off of legacy e-mail systems.

That means companies or internal divisions which need to migrate among, or coexist between, such systems as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and Novell GroupWise can do so without disruptively replacing one system for another.

Year-2000 issues, which require systems administrators to seek alternatives to mainframe systems and to upgrade older Lotus cc:mail and Microsoft Mail systems, are also causing companies to stay with hybrid systems longer.

The year-2000 effect is two-fold: On the one hand, it forces companies to upgrade or change an older e-mail infrastructure; on the other, companies have to devote resources to other pressing year-2000 issues and so need a fast way to keep e-mail systems running in the mean time.

Another hillock in the shifting messaging landscape is the fast-paced adoption of Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) servers among the mix of client/server systems so users can access their mail through browsers and thin e-mail clients.

Wingra's new offerings are designed to offer flexibility in maintaining hybrid e-mail systems while companies decide how to proceed in the long term, said Jan Eddy, president of Wingra, based in Madison, Wis.

"Wingra's migration solution has proven to be a highly cost-effective alternative for organizations," said Sara Radicati, president of the Radicati Group, in Palo Alto, Calif. "No other solutions provider is offering both software and on-site support for enterprises migrating from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and Novell GroupWise," she said.

Rather than move wholesale from one system to another, companies are using Wingra's technologies and services to maintain coexistence between, for example, Notes and Exchange systems within the same corporation, said Dave Nelson, director of marketing at Wingra.

To foster a smooth transition, Wingra's services include Migration Planning Services, Migration Infrastructure Installation, Migration Pilot Services, Migration Administrator Training, and Migration Roll-Out Services.

Pricing is based on the specifics of a company's needs.

Wingra Technologies Inc. can be reached at (800) 544-5465 or www.wingra.com.

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