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Computerworld community talks NBN, Twitter, and iPad plans

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Here’s what you had to say on: Twitter happenings this week

"'Twitter debate an "epic fail.”’ Goodness me what a surprise!" – said Neil McLachlan on Public labels NSW Twitter debate an "epic fail”

"Oh how I lament the 140 character bon mots we must have missed with Twitter not around to spread its unique brand of hyper-hyped banality" – said Ernest Hemingway on Twitter ‘over capacity’

Operator woes over iPad unlimited plans

"I'm pretty sure 3G iPad's can be set up to act as wifi access points (possibly requiring a jailbreak)? Would be impossible for telcos to track in this case, I would have thought." – said Dan on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

"The iPad can indeed act as mobile wifi hotspots, using an app called MyWi (it is a paid-for jailbroken-only app) from a jailbroken device. I have confirmed this with an 3G 16gb iPad, using a Telstra 3g microsim. My problem is, "for use only with an iPad" is a term of service that is completely bunk. Sell me data, regardless of the device it is to be used on. Dont try and tell me that my iPad data is somehow different to my iPhone, or 3g modem. If you are selling me data under the pretense that I wont be able to use it (because you expect me not to be able to cause its an iPad) is completely disingenuous. I think consumer protection needs to kick in over this kind of policy." – said PeterA on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

"Well said PeterA. I currently have two data plans, tpg for the home and vodaphone for the mobile. I'm sure there is an exec out there that can work out a way to bring in the dollars signing individuals to data plans rather than devices....cause you would get all of my money not just a share." – said jefah on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

"It's simple, really. They want to control which plan you can use on which device, because then they can't charge you 50 times the rate for data on some devices! Well, it's 50x on the Optus plans I looked at (phone $3.00/MB vs 3G modem $0.06/MB). I haven't looked into the excess data rates for Voda or Telstra, but I'd be surprised if they were much cheaper than Optus. I actually contacted the ACCC about this, and they said there's really nothing they can do about such device-based price discrimination, as it doesn't actually break any laws." – said Bern on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

"The only reason they can offer an unlimited data plan with the iPod is because it doesn't have the capacity to download hundreds of gigs of data. So it is quite reasonable to offer an unlimited plan tethered to a particular device. If you use just the iPad in the way intended, i.e. fair use, then you won't be attracting problems no matter how much you use the device. The alternative is for there to be no unlimited plan, or for the price to go up considerably. Honestly, I hate the effin telcos, especially telstras plans which tend to be a total rort, but seriously I don't see a problem with having some types of unlimited plans to be tethered to a device. It allows any user to use that device as much as they want, as long as they don't get greedy and try to abuse it. If you want to download massive torrents and use a laptop or desktop to do so, then go get the appropriate plan." – said Dave Anderson on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

"1. Data is data, whether it is used in iPad, laptop, PC or even in a mobile.

2.How can some be abusing ‘Unlimited?’ If that is the case, it is clearly not ‘Unlimited’ and the ISP shall advertise the true limit." – said dl4fun on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

"I can understand Vodafone wanting to limit unlimited iPad data plans to iPads only - any assertion that an ISP should advertise the true limit is disingenuous - the true limit is, of course, that the data is to be used with iPad only. However, it makes no sense for Telstra to be offering lower wireless broadband rates for iPad users vs everyone else - if you recharge before your 30 days is up, the unused data rolls over, and no data quota need ever expire. As such there's no difference between iPad data and regular prepaid wireless broadband data, and Telstra's iPad plans are therefore nothing more than a pathetic attempt at price discrimination." – said Isaac on iPad data plans being rorted: Vodafone

NBN ad splash gaining support

"It is also against the Law to advertise services, articles, that do not exist. Therefore it was with interest to note Graeme Samuel from the ACCC was awarded a "gong" in the Queens Birthday Notices. I seem to recall of recent times, were the ACCC has taken action against Telco-land for similar advertising. So Mr Samuel, we await with interest!" – said Legal Eagle on Telcos give a tick to NBN ad splash

"Imagine exploring a museum in Europe and having all the statues censored, the teacher prosecuted for crimes of morality against the children and having everyones thoughts and actions catalouged for 10+ years so that they can be profiled for future crimes. Australias NBN, the future today. Coming up we have ongoing commentary on the war between Eurasia and Eastasia but first a look at the latest writings by our dear leader..." – said Bruce on Telcos give a tick to NBN ad splash

"Legal Eagle: The NBN Advertising was about the NBN, not if the NBN services that are or are not available on it. This is happening in other places as well (say singapore). http://www.techgoondu.com/2010/06/15/lack-of-knowledge-main-reason-for-homes-refusing-fibre/comment-page-1/

Bruce: Bit rich, that can happen regardless if the NBN is there or not." – said Daniel on Telcos give a tick to NBN ad splash

ACMA to talk blacklist security

"NetScreen regional director, Michael Grace, who will meet with ACMA officials next week, said the blacklists can be as “secure as a major bank” - and just as trustworthy as the banks as well." – said CW on ACMA to talk blacklist security

"Ah yes, looks like a typo slipped in there... That would be Netsweeper, not Netscreen... Commenting on the trustworthiness of major banks is a tough call CW, but we did manage to setup some pretty secure bank branch VPN networks for them back then, and I am sure the security techs still do today. They apparently did make a killing during the GFC though..." – said Michael Grace on ACMA to talk blacklist security

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