Xilinx ships 'largest and fastest' programmable chip

Xilinx Inc. has used the latest process technology and design tools to develop a large programmable chip with clock speeds of over 400MHz, it said Monday.

The Virtex-II Platform FPGA XC2V8000 is 73 percent larger than any comparable FPGA (field programmable gate array), has 8 million gates with clock speeds of over 400MHz and I/O speeds of 840M bps (bits per second), Xilinx said in a statement.

FPGAs are increasingly being used in place of ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) because they can be programmed and reprogrammed as necessary, giving the designer more flexibility.

The XC2V8000 is likely to be used for handling large data streams in routers, network port aggregation and broadcast equipment, video and graphics, Xilinx said.

The chip was made possible by a combination of advanced 0.15 CMOS (complimentary metal oxide semiconductor) technology and design automation software that helped to optimize its performance, the company said.

The XC2V8000 includes 104,832 logic cells, over 3M bytes of block RAM, 12 Digital Clock Managers, 168 18x18 multipliers and 824 I/O pins, including 412 differential I/O pairs, Xilinx said.

Customers have already begun work on software for the device because they have been given access to the latest Integrated Software Environment (ISE), ISE4.2i, in advance, it said.

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