Friday Funny: Beckham's World Cup blog

Exclusive 'sneak peak' at the soccer legend's new soccer blog

Yahoo! has announced that it has signed David Beckham to be its official Global Football Ambassador for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. The soccer legend is expected to do some blogging in his new role, and Computerworld Australia has managed to get an exclusive 'sneak peak' at what’s to come.

"Dear Yahoo!,

Today I spent a really productive four hours trying on a bunch of new clothes and checking myself out in the mirror.

That was after I spent half an hour looking at my reflection in the bathroom while shaving until Posh barged in and mumbled something about dropping the kids off.

I must say she was lookin' pretty fit, but that size zero Gucci mini she was wearing does make her look just a bit ‘Fatty Spice’.

She keeps saying she hasn't eaten anything since 1995, but I know for a fact she ate a salad back in 2001. Just shocking.

I told her I knew her little secret and she said she’d give me a lesson in how to really kick a ball (or two) if I didn’t shut it.

I wasn't worried as I've got plenty of opportunity to get some practice in, what with the all opportunities I have for playing away from home at the moment.

Anyway, enough about me. Oh wait, maybe a little more. What? I have to say something about the World Cup here? Ok…. Well, I’d truly love to be there in South Africa for the Cup, but you must understand Milanese fashion waits for no man, and I’d just hate to miss out on this week’s Armani jacket. Did you really think I signed on with Milan, just for the money?

So, best of luck to all. And did I mention I’m backing Australia to win?

Take care,


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