Enosys unveils XML data access middleware

Enosys Software Inc. is to release Aug. 12 server software that creates an XML access layer over Web data and relational databases.

The software lets the corporate IT group set up a way for Web applications to make a single data request, or query, that can access several data sources. The Enosys software collects the responses, manipulates them if desired and displays the results in a single Web screen, or view. By using XML, and the W3C's XML Query standard, the software could simplify the work of reading data from enterprise applications and combine that data with Web applications.

The Enosys Integration Server, along with its set of query design tools, is a type of middleware. With the Enosys Design Suite, a graphical toolset, developers can create queries and link them to Web applications or Web services. These can then use XML Query and Simple Object Access Protocol to call to the Enosys server and hand off the request. The server users several mechanisms, including XML, and interfaces called translators, to access data stored in XML or HTML files, enterprise applications and relational databases.

"You're not just doing data access," says Raj Pai, vice president of product marketing for Enosys, Redwood City, Calif. "One query can get the back-end data, and EIS filters it and integrates the results, and sends it back packaged in a ready-to-use XML format to the Web application."

The software can replace point-to-point, custom coding between numerous applications.

Enosys has four patents pending on its technology, mainly for algorithms that juggle the queries in real-time and that intelligently feed the results to the requesting application.

The company's Enosys Integration Server runs on Java applications servers, such as those from BEA Systems Inc. and IBM Corp. The software supports queries, not transactions: users can read data but not update them.

An Enosys query also can be packaged and deployed as a Web Service, by creating a Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) file. "Then, you can make a SOAP call, and get the data view expressed by the query," says Pai.

The server, design suite and a set of management tools are available now. Pricing varies with the user configuration, and starts at US$30,000 per server.

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