HP announces new servers

Hewlett-Packard Co. announced a number of entry- and mid-to-upper level servers Tuesday that use the faster 875 MHz PA-8700+ and Alpha processors.

The company introduced the rp5470, rp7410 and rp8400, three servers that run at 875 MHz and use the PA-8700+ processor. The company also introduced several new or enhanced Alpha servers: the DS25, the ES45, the SC45, the GS80, GS160 and GS320.

The HP Server rp8400 is a 16-processor server; the rp7410 has eight processors and the rp5400 has four processors. All systems run HP-UX 11i.

The PA-8700+ processor was first used in the SuperDome server, announced earlier this summer.

In tests using the SPECjbb2000 Java benchmark from SPEC.org, the rp8400 out-powered IBM Corp.'s 16-processor Power4-based p670 and Sun Microsystems Inc.'s 24-processor Sun Fire 6800. The rp8400 performed at 183,694 operations per second (op/sec.) compared to IBM's 161,904 op/sec. and Sun's 174,658 op/sec.

The AlphaServer DS25 is a new low-end server that is available in several models and has either one or two CPUs, memory ranging up to 2 G-bytes and support for Tru64 Unix.

The ES45 has an increased amount of cache memory and is available in a one or four processor configuration with memory ranging up to 4 G-bytes. The SC45 Supercomputer also has a larger cache.

Further the GS80, GS160 and GS320 also have enhanced cache memory and use a 1224 MHz processor. These servers support from one to 16 processors and will be available at the end of August.

The rp5470 with one processor starts at US$36,000; the rp7410 with two processors starts at $83,000; the rp8400 with two processors starts at 110,000. As for the AlphaServers, they start at 24,745.

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