Compaq ports Tru64 Unix to Merced

Compaq Computer has successfully ported its Tru64 Unix to Intel's IA-64 pre-silicon software development environment using the Merced architecture.

Compaq made the port in four months using the upcoming new release of Tru64 Unix, version 5.0, the company said in a statement. The company said it was one month ahead of schedule.

In January, Sun Microsystems announced that, together with Intel, NCR, Siemens Computer Systems Division and Fujitsu, the company was able to port Sun's Solaris Unix operating system to the IA-64 Merced simulator in a "record" nine months.

"All Tru64 Unix key compilers, tools, storage and clustering technologies are planned for availability on IA-64 beginning with the Merced processor," Compaq said in today's statement. In addition, more than 5,600 64-bit Unix applications developed to run on Tru64 Unix can operate natively at full-performance on Merced, the company added.

"With a simple recompile, these applications available today from leading ISVs (independent software vendors) can easily add support for Tru64 Unix on Merced," the company statement said. "No source code changes are required."

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