Content filter: Dumb and dumber

Or should that be stupid and stupider?

I really don’t know which of the following reflects stupidity more:

a) A political party that says it wants an ISP-level Internet content filter that the online community and increasingly the general public think is a ridiculous idea, but at the same time also wants to roll out a high-speed broadband network, fund e-health initiatives, increase the amount of IT staff in the public service, trial smart grids, and put more computers into schools.

Or, b) a political party that wants an ISP-level Internet content filter and none of the rest.

The positioning by both Labor and the Coalition in the last couple of weeks on ICT as their respective budgets were announced has been remarkable.

Not because one party wants to spend on ICT projects and the other put them on the chopping block, but simply because both passed up one of the easiest free kicks a politician could ever ask for.

Whatever your take on the NBN, e-health, the Gershon review, smart grids, or the so-called digital education revolution, surely anyone can see that by announcing the axing of the disastrous mandatory ISP-level Internet content filter you’d win considerable kudos with voters?

Is it dumb and dumber, or stupid and stupider? I guess we’ll find out at the ballot box.

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