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Your views on the National Broadband Network report

There's a lot of chatter surrounding the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the comments multiplied exponentially after the release of the report documenting that the NBN was still commercially viable without Telstra's help. Here's a couple of things people had to say about the whole issue.

Michael on Optus' Maha: “Get out of the way, Telstra” Optus spokesman Maha Krishnapillai said entities with “vested interests” should step aside telling Telstra to “get out of the way” of the National Broadband Network (NBN). What the hack! Is he claimining that Optus does not have any vested interest? From now on I should be very careful with what this guy says, clearly he is not very truthful.

Anon on LTE, WiMAX unlikely to find a future in the NBN From my understanding, until 16m is released, Wimax is not a 4G product. simply because it cannot obtain the high enough speeds. LTE is the starting point. I also know of a little ISP in Adelaide that was bought recently by a slightly larger ISP that is in the process of ramping up for an LTE deployment. They already have the spectrum, and are currently in talks with a couple of vendors. Let's all be VERY realist about wireless being comparable to Fiber. yes we are starting @ 100mbit, but that can VERY easily be scale all the way to 10GB right now! That's not even talking when they start/finish the build. WIMAX 16m might come close as with LTE beyond that anything that is currently around doesn't come close.

RS onTelstra apathetic on NBN report From Telstra who received a vested PSTN in 1992 and have pocketed $billion's ever since and who brought us, the botched NBN bid. Previous to that, a FTTN proposal including demands for maximum ROI and a brand new monopoly... or else... Gave us a refusal to switch on ADSL2+ and of course broke the law by refusing to allow access to the PSTN... Yet another whinge (doctored report) via yet another burned shareholder, who blames the government instead of himself, for the purchase of those worthless Telstra shares.

gnome on Telstra Separation Bill due on Wednesday These are two important pieces of legislation for future comms policy, and they will affect everyone in Australia. Here's hoping the opposition can see the significance of both of them, and supports them accordingly.

Noel Peters on Telstra apathetic on NBN report From the Government that brougt you "The Insulation Scheme" that wrecked an industry, The Collins Class Submarines (Kim Beasley) that wrecked the Defence Forces, we now have the NBN that will wreck our telecommunications industry. In 50 years I have never seen a Government damage this country so much. And they present a doctored report to put their NBN case.

B.Tolputt on ABC's The Drum Unleashed Telstra would not be able to buy the network from the government - they simply won't have the money for it. It could be sold off to shareholders, yes, but not to Telstra (at least not Telstra alone). Remember, the only reason Telstra is the size is is with the infrastructure it has is because it was a government utility prior to it being sold off later. The terrible framework around this money-grab (resulting in Australia's worst monopoly situation) is only recently being addressed... though even that is being done poorly by Conroy.

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