3PAR talks up shared services

Ulitity storage vendor says cloud isn't everything

The cloud may be where just about every vendor wants to be these days, but utility storage company 3PAR, which recently set up shop in Australia, has its sights firmly set on the ground.

Speaking to Computerworld Australia the company’s new A/NZ regional manager, Steve Kelly, said while the local industry was talking a great deal about the opportunities for Cloud Computing, the immediate and real opportunity was in helping companies gain greater efficiency and improve the return on investment in IT spend.

In line with this the company is talking up the benefits of the shared services model, both for use within an organisation and through third party hosting providers and potential 3PAR partners.

“Hosting service providers are now at the maturity where they are able to seriously offer off-loaded processing for core business applications and run IT as a service,” he said. “The security model is maturing to the point where businesses feel comfort that their data is safe when they move to an externally hosted model.

“Physical costs of power and cooling are reaching the point where businesses cannot cope with rising costs – and so businesses are asking the question ‘can someone do this for me at lower cost, deliver better performance, and provide me with a service I trust?’.”

The company will also seek to cash in on the current data centre gold rush by providing new data centre facilities with an infrastructure which they could offer to their customers under a shared service arrangement.

“There is also a great deal of consolidation underway where multiple data centres are being scaled into newer, more efficient facilities,” he said. “The economies of scale that hosting service providers can offer is becoming financially compelling, while the technology behind virtualisation is providing a great deal more opportunities for a shared service model.”

3PAR was also working with enterprise and government organisations looking to consolidate multiple data centres and move to an internally hosted shared service model, or private cloud, Kelly added.

Commenting on the state of sever virtualisation in the local market, Kelly said the level of adoption of virtualised servers in enterprises is still relatively low – around 20 per cent.

“Over the next few years this level is expected to grow substantially,” he said. “In regards to storage, if you ask many customers today, there is a great deal of over provisioned capacity. Many customers are still on the early adoption curve with respect to virtualisation, and gains will be made incrementally over the next five to 10 years.”

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