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From discussions on the headache of do not call registers to the National Broadband Network

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Conroy's Internet filter

"So two and half years later nothing has been done, yet another broken promise from Red Ruddy and the Labor team! Even if they did get this running once they activated the 'Wall of China' filtering system NBN will stand for 'No Bloody Net'." - Brett on Conroy hits out at Abbot & Smith NBN threats

"McNair Ingenuity market research conducted a phone poll earlier this year that showed that a statistically significant number of Australians would support ISP level internet filtering ONLY if the blacklist was made public along with the reasons for the content's censorship. Bringing things into line with exactly how books, movies, and magazines are handled right now. Conroy claims doing this cannot be done because the list contains not only RC content, but also some 'illegal' content. Last year's leaked lists revealed that any previously 'illegal' content was taken down well before the list even made it to published print. So the solution is simple, hand over any 'illegal' content to the police (< 1% of the list) and publish the rest of the RC content (> 99% of the list). The fact Rudd wont even consider this option means that child safety has nothing to do with their real policy objectives." - Actualize on Opt-in ISP-level Internet filter wasn't feasible: Academics

"Opt-In or Opt-out are both entirely feasible and relatively straight forward for ISP's to implement. All they need is a user interface that changes a route for their traffic. If the filter is turned on traffic goes via one path (via the filter) and if it is off it bypasses the filter. Simple." - BenR on Opt-in ISP-level Internet filter wasn't feasible: Academics

National Broadband Network bandwidth

"The NBN will become one of the nation’s greatest assets when it is built. It is not just about faster internet, but about all future communications and other potential uses that haven't even been thought about yet. Having the infrastructure to support these future technologies will become a huge corner stone for Australia’s economic future, develop jobs and lead to more innovation." - Ton Courtney on Bandwidth demand to reach 1Gbps by 2020: NBN Co CEO

"As one that is very up for a bit of bashing for terrible government policy, this is not one of the times that I can bash for the intent of the solution. The concept behind the NBN is outstanding and truly is one of the best concepts that the ALP brought to the table. My concern over the NBN is simple, construction costs." - Hyding on Bandwidth demand to reach 1Gbps by 2020: NBN Co CEO

"1Gbps? really? I would love just to have ADSL 2+ for around $60 with perhaps 50GB I might be asking to much here but I'm on 1.5Mbps with 25GB and it's costing $60. But all that said, to my understanding, our cables are creaking and occasionally breaking upgrading them with need to be done eventually but is now the best time?" - Steve on Bandwidth demand to reach 1Gbps by 2020: NBN Co CEO

"Demand is going to out pace the proposed NBN prediction, once all the people that have been denied access to decent bandwidth get online, going to cause a ramping of demand." - D Newman on Bandwidth demand to reach 1Gbps by 2020: NBN Co CEO

McAfee's big meltdown

"You end up paying so much money for something that 'looks' good, but really ends up causing more problems than it's worth." - Andy on McAfee to compensate bug affected Aussies

The Do Not Call Register

"Why should there continue to be unnecessary limits on the DNC coverage? Listing should be permanent - it is a simple process to remove your name from the list if you want to. And the do not call register should mean just that - no cold call marketing from anywhere including business, churches, charities and politicians. Yeah, the last one probably means that all the exemptions will be retained, but that's no justification at all! Callers with an existing relationship with a person are perfectly entitled to call them, and the companies that have been pinged were simply doing the wrong thing." - Anonymous on Conroy proposes five-year wait for Do Not Call Register

The HP-Palm acquisition

"It is good to see that HP has probably ditched Microsoft's tablet offerings in favour of switching to webOS. Microsoft cannot succeed in the portable or tablet market. Its OS is not suitable. It is not popular. Falling market share." - P Greenlees on HP-Palm acquisition could see WebOS devices in Australia by 2011

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