SA police to roll out 300 tazers

300 'electronic control devices' to be rolled out over three year period

South Australia Police is to roll out 300 ‘electronic control devices’ (ECD), commonly known as Tazers, over the next three years.

The rollout will see an initial 150 devices and 5767 cartridges deployed during 2009/2010. An additional 150 devices and 4800 cartridges will be deployed during 2010/2011, while some 2550 cartridges will be deployed in 2011/2012.

SA Police also has an option to roll out a further 150 devices and 5100 cartridges over 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.

According to SA Police documents, the ECD units will provide police patrols with an “additional tactical option” when responding to and resolving high risk incidents involving an armed person.

The ECDs will have an inbuilt video camera and audio recording capability, activated when the device is armed, and capable of recording a minimum of 15 minutes of video and audio giving SA Police management the ability to view the situation leading up to and during the device’s use.

The devices will also feature an infrared recording capability to allow for the same level of oversight for night-time patrols.

“The ECD must be capable of delivering electrical energy capable of causing muscular disruption and incapacitation of a human subject up to 7 metres and a contact compliance mode in the same device,” SA Police documents on the ECD deployment read.

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