Dell PowerEdge 2970

Dell PowerEdge 2970

Dell PowerEdge 2970

Vendor’s description: The highly versatile AMD based Dell PowerEdge 2970 2-socket 2U rack server provides the optimal balance of server features and size. It gives businesses the ability to maximise server performance while keeping space and energy needs to a minimum. Designed to support most any type of enterprise application, including database, email and network infrastructure, it has the versatility that businesses require.

Power infrastructure and consumption already account for nearly half the cost of a typical data center and could soon be half of the typical overall IT budget. Dell also offers the PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 for customers seeking a highly energy efficient server; Dell is the only major server vendor to offer a complete lineup of these energy optimised servers. Due to its smart design, the PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 version provides up to 27% greater performance per watt when compared to the HP DL385 G2 and up to 18% when compared to the IBM x3655 1.

Since 2005, over 165 million personal information data records have been compromised in the US alone2. Dell recognises the growing importance of information security and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Today’s PowerEdge servers are the most secure servers that Dell has ever produced.

The PowerEdge 2970 physically and logically locks down internal components, preventing unauthorised access. For example, customers deploying USB tokens can securely install them on the internal USB port. Hardware tokens and supporting software are available from many vendors and are often used to improve security through authentication and encryption.

As your business grows, the requirement for reliable, responsive server performance increases. The PowerEdge 2970 server helps you meet ever expanding application and data requirements. It includes the latest generation of AMD Opteron 64-bit dual and quad-core processors, as well as support for 8GB DIMMs allow enhanced performance as well as improved data and application consolidation. In addition to providing great all around performance, the quad-core AMD Opteron processors3 particularly excel at floating-point intensive applications, such as those used by design and engineering departments.

Complex IT environments mean higher IT costs. The PowerEdge 2970 includes features which help to streamline and ease server deployment and consolidation tasks. Dell delivers fully assembled and highly tested machines that don’t require expensive integration services. The PowerEdge 2970 also helps ease system administration with its choice of 2.5” or 3.5” drives, internal USB port and an optional internal DVD.

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