IBM Power 750 Express

IBM Power 750 Express

IBM Power 750 Express

Vendor's description: The IBM Power® 750 Express™ server delivers the outstanding performance of the POWER7™ processor. The performance, capacity, energy efficiency and virtualization capabilities of the Power 750 Express make it an ideal consolidation, database or multiapplication server.

As a consolidation or highly virtualized multiapplication server, the Power 750 Express offers tremendous configuration flexibility to meet the most demanding capacity and growth requirements. Utilize the full capability of the system by leveraging industrial-strength PowerVM™ virtualization for AIX®, IBM i, and Linux®. PowerVM offers the capability to dynamically adjust system resources based on workload demands so that each partition gets the resources it needs. Active Memory™ Expansion is a new POWER7 technology which enables the effective maximum memory capacity to be much larger than the true physical memory. Innovative compression/decompression of memory content can enable memory expansion up to 100 percent. This can enable a partition to do significantly more work or enable a server to run more partitions with the same physical amount of memory.

For database servers, the leadership performance of the POWER7 processor makes it possible for applications to run faster with fewer processors, resulting in lower per core software licensing costs. The POWER7 processor contains innovative technologies that maximize performance based on client workloads and computing needs. Intelligent Threads technology enables workload optimization by selecting the most suitable threading mode: Single Thread (per core) or Simultaneous Multi Thread-2 or 4 modes. Consequently, Intelligent Threads technology can provide improved application performance. The Power 750 server can deliver up to 128 simultaneous compute threads. In addition, POWER7 processors can maximize cache access to cores, improving performance, using Intelligent Cache technology. These capabilities are designed to satisfy even the most demanding processing environments and can deliver business advantages and higher client satisfaction.

The Power 750 Express is a one- to four-socket server that supports up to 32 cores with outstanding energy efficiency and diagnostic features in a 4U (EIA Units) package. The Power 750 is an ENERGY STAR®-qualified server designed with features to help clients become more energy efficient. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ exploits EnergyScale™ technology, enabling Intelligent Energy management features to dramatically and dynamically conserve power. These Intelligent Energy features enable the POWER7 processor to operate at a higher frequency if environmental conditions permit, for increased performance and performance per watt; or alternatively operate at a reduced frequency if user settings permit, for significant energy savings. The Power 750 also implements Light Path diagnostics, which provide an obvious and intuitive means to positively identify failing components.

Come see why so many clients are moving to IBM Power Systems™. Whether you need a reliable and efficient server consolidation platform or a high performing multiapplication or database server, the Power 750 Express server is an ENERGY STAR-qualified server that can fulfill your requirements while using technology that provides innovation that sets your business apart from the competition. The Power 750 Express offers outstanding performance, industrial strength PowerVM virtualization and a choice of AIX, IBM i or Linux operating systems


  • For consolidation of UNIX®, IBM i and x86 Linux workloads and virtualized application servers
  • For medium to large database servers

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