IBM BladeCenter JS23

IBM BladeCenter JS23

IBM BladeCenter JS23

Vendor's description: Built on the promise of the IBM BladeCenter® family of products—easy-to-use, integrated platforms with a high degree of deployment flexibility, energy efficiency, scalability and manageability—the BladeCenter JS23 and JS43 Express are the premier blades for 64-bit applications. They represent one of the most flexible and cost-efficient solutions for UNIX®, i and Linux deployments available in the market. Further enhanced by its ability to be installed in the same chassis with other IBM BladeCenter blade servers, the JS23 and JS43 can deliver the rapid return on investment that clients and businesses demand. Delivering on the promise of a truly Dynamic Infrastructure, the BladeCenter JS23 and JS43 help in delivering superior business and IT services with agility and speed—all in a simple to manage highly efficient way.

The JS23 and JS43 Express blades have been pre-configured and tested by IBM and are based on proven technology. Utilizing a 4.2 GHz 64-bit POWER6 processor and available in a four-core or eight-core configuration including a new 32 MB Level 3 cache for each core pair, and simultaneous multi-threading, they are designed to deliver outstanding performance and capabilities at compelling prices. With faster and more reliable double data rate 2 (DDR2) memory options and support for eight to 16 memory DIMM slots along with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk subsystem, the BladeCenter JS23 and JS43 Express blades are designed for increased uptime and enhanced performance. Exploiting the newest in high performance and energy-efficient solutions like Solid State Disk Technology, the JS23 and JS43 offer remarkable performance for I/O intensive applications. And, for those that require fast and frequent data access, the JS23 and JS43 offer the utmost in easy-to-manage, tough-to-break solutions. Along with built-in support for IBM PowerVM™ Editions for advanced virtualization features such as Live Partition Mobility and Active Memory™ Sharing, the JS23 and JS43 offer an ideal blade server solution for driving your most demanding performance and memory-intensive workloads such as virtualization, databases and high performance computing (HPC) applications. By consolidating and virtualizing on BladeCenter with the JS23 and JS43, you can increase the utilization of your hardware and decrease the number of physical assets you need to watch over. This translates into real dollar savings through better energy conservation and IT resource usage across the data center.

Meeting today’s cost challenges while planning for tomorrow’s growth can be difficult. When you demand more performance, these blade servers are ready to scale to four processors with the addition of a multi-processor expansion unit (MPE). Simply snap the MPE to the original blade and it becomes a four-processor eight core, ~60 mm blade server with the additional performance, memory and double the I/O expansion you need to deliver a flexible, resilient and highly scalable IT infrastructure. Best of all, this expansion capability won’t break the bank and provides the opportunity to standardize on a single blade platform for all your needs.

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to replacing traditional rack servers, then look no further. With a range of available BladeCenter chassis supported and the performance and scalability you need for demanding workloads of any sort, the JS23 and JS43 blades deliver what you are looking for. When combined with the BladeCenter S chassis, the JS23 or JS43 become an ideal solution for deploying blades in an office and distributed enterprise environment. Unlike a stand-alone server that needs multiple power supplies and fans, individual systems management, numerous cables and a lot of space, IBM BladeCenter is compact and easy to use. The blades contain all the necessities to run an application—processors, memory, I/O and storage. Components that are duplicated in rack servers, like redundant power, hot-swap cooling, DVD and consolidated management are placed in the BladeCenter chassis and shared. The beauty of the BladeCenter architecture is that now everything needed for the solution can be housed and managed from a single point of control.

With IBM BladeCenter and i, customers can realize innovation with proven sixth-generation POWER® technology for enhanced performance, efficiency and reliability; cut costs and consolidate workloads with leadership virtualization as a built-in feature; go green with better energy management by using EnergyScale™ technology; and manage growth, complexity and risk with the flexibility of IBM BladeCenter technology. With i support, small and medium clients can consolidate their IBM System i® and Intel® processor-based servers into a single chassis, leveraging the management, space and power savings provided by IBM BladeCenter solutions. Large or small enterprises can now consolidate their IBM i applications into a centralized BladeCenter environment with a choice of BladeCenter chassis and blade configurations to fit their needs.

Simplify. Cut costs. Boost productivity. Go green. They’re all priorities for IT, and they’re all driving organizations to rethink their server strategies and become more receptive to new ways to use IT. Blades are the next-generation solution, promising improvements across the board. The IBM BladeCenter innovative, open design offers a true alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. So toss your cables and take the leap. Migrate to the blade solution that uses less energy and gives more choices and control. You have nothing to lose but complexity. IBM BladeCenter is the right choice. Open. Easy. Green.


  • Ideal for infrastructure consolidation, virtualization, and demanding applications that require scalable performance and high memory capacity
  • IBM POWER6™ processor technology and the ability to run AIX®, IBM i, and Linux® operating systems simultaneously
  • Elegantly simple scalability, allowing easy expansion and pay-as-you-grow flexibility for the utmost in investment protection and performance growth
  • A secure, resilient and dynamic infrastructure solution that helps drive cost down, reduces risk, improves energy efficiency and enhances flexibility

Specifically, the BladeCenter JS23 Express blade provides: Common features

  • Single-wide blade server compatible with BladeCenter family chassis
  • Dual-core SMP scalability
  • 64-bit IBM POWER6 with AltiVec SIMD and Hardware Decimal Floating-Point acceleration
  • PowerVM Standard Edition (built-in) including support for:
  • Virtual LAN
  • POWER Hypervisor™
  • Micro-Partitioning™ (up to 40 partitions per blade)
  • Virtual I/O Server
  • Shared Processor Pool
  • Integrated Virtualization Manager
  • Shared Dedicated Capacity
  • PowerVM Lx86
  • or
  • PowerVM Enterprise Edition (optional) including all the features of PowerVM Standard Edition plus Live Partition Mobility
  • IBM Director industry-leading systems management software
  • Support for AIX (V5.3 or later), IBM i1 (V6.1 or later) and Linux for Power™ distributions from Red Hat (RHEL for POWER V4.6 or later) and SUSE Linux (SLES10 SP1 for POWER or later)
  • Support for System Cluster 1350
  • Support for the IBM PowerHA™ family of high availability products and Cluster Systems Management software*

Hardware summary

  • Four 4.2 GHz POWER6 processor cores
  • From 4 GB to 64 GB memory in eight DIMM slots
  • High-performance DDR2 memory running at up to 667 MHz
  • Integrated SAS controller
  • One 2.5" 10K rpm Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drive bay supporting 73, 146, or 300 GB of internal storage or optional 69 GB Solid State Disk
  • Elegantly simple scalability, allowing easy expansion
  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapter (IVE) Dual Gigabit
  • Enterprise-class reliability with light path diagnostics, IBM Predictive Failure Analysis, ECC and IBM Chipkill memory
  • Support for Calibrated Vectored Cooling™, IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ software and EnergyScale™ technology to monitor energy and maintain optimum cooling
  • Supported in BladeCenter H, HT and S chassis

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