Apple Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

Apple Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

Apple Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

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What is Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server?

Exactly what you’d expect — a Mac mini specifically designed to be a server with Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server preinstalled. Instead of a SuperDrive, there are two 500GB hard drives that give you all the power and storage you need to help your group work more efficiently than ever.

What can it do for you?

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server is designed to help you communicate, collaborate, and share information. It’s perfect for any small business or group — retail shops, doctor and law offices, classrooms, design studios — you name it. Now you can have your own server that supports email on Mac computers, PCs, and iPhone. Sync and share calendars and contact information. Access and swap files securely, and at lightning speed, between Mac computers and PCs. Easily create full-featured wikis and high-quality podcasts. And automatically back up all your important data.

Add as many people as you want.

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server lets you add an unlimited number of Mac and PC users without per-user licensing fees. So you can grow your business without growing your costs. And you get amazing hardware and software that are ready to go, right out of the box, for less than the cost of most server software alone.

Server Assistant.

The Mac is famously easy to use, and so is Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server. That makes it perfect for people who’ve never run a server before or for overtaxed IT departments. Server Assistant will walk you through the setup process step by step. And if you want help at any stage, just click the ? icon for more information.


Tools like Server Preferences let you quickly set up all your key services and manage users and groups. And a Server Status Dashboard widget makes it easy to keep an eye on the status of services such as email, file sharing, web hosting, and more.

Integration and compatibility.

Advanced network hardware and software make it incredibly simple to integrate Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server into any Mac or PC environment. And it’s compatible with a wide range of displays, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals, so you can put it to work with the equipment you already have.

Learn more about setting up, managing, and using Snow Leopard Server

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