IBM Announces Key Component of Internet2

IBM Corp. this week took the first step toward launching the second major piece of the next-generation Internet by announcing the Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) initiative, designed to support advanced applications such as real-time broadcast and video.

The project will be led by the University of Tennessee's Innovative Computing Laboratory. The effort is considered to be a vital part of the Internet2 project's effort to create network services that make collaborative research and distance learning more practical.

"Internet2 is all about orders of magnitude: more speed, new standards that make it possible to prioritize the packets, and new applications that are not possible on the Internet," said John Patrick, vice president of Internet technology at IBM. "[This includes] doing remote MRIs [magnetic resonance images], collaborative design, and full-screen distributed learning."

As part of this effort, researchers at the university will be exploring ways to deliver high-bandwidth content, such as video, over public networks, including the Internet.

Part of I2-DSI is IBM's Web Cache Manager, a product the company made available in 1998. As deployed initially in the project, the product will have a capacity of 6 terabytes. The Web Cache Managers will be installed at high-performance backbone access points at the University of Tennessee's Knoxville campus, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Indiana University, and several other sites.

The goal of the project is to have demonstrable prototypes of applications by the end of this year that show the technology's practical potential.

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Defining the Next Net

Internet2 is a consortium of 130 universities working with the computer industry and U.S. government to create a broadband successor to the Internet. Some Internet2 projects include the following.

Project Goal

Internet2 Distributed Storage Efficient replication andInfrastructure (I2-DSI) delivery of collections of files, via InternetContent ChannelsInternet2 Digital Video Network (I2-DVN) Creation of a national higher-education video network serviceQuality-of-service backbone (Qbone) Creation of test bed for quality-of-service guarantees over the Internet2 backbone

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