W3C publishes plan for mixing XML markup languages

The W3C week released a plan for mixing XML markup languages through use of a schema.

W3C released as a note a document labeled XHTML 1.0 in XML Schema. Note status means the proposal has been made available but does not have the organization's formal endorsement at this point.

"What this does is this takes as a very basic Web language XHTML, puts in a schema, and makes it mixable," said Janet Daly, spokeswoman for W3C.

Schemas enable the combining of XML markup languages in a single document, Daly said. A developer, for example, could build a document featuring vector graphics and the XHTML specification, or that features full motion video and electronic catalog markup language, she said.

The plan provides a practical example of how to take a common language, XHTML 1.0, and turn it into a schema, said Daly.

Although the proposal has not been subjected to the recommendation process and lacks the strength of a WC3 formal endorsement as a recommendation, Daly said the organization anticipates developers will use the plan.

"We expect people to run with it," she said.

"By publishing a note instead, what we're able to do is get an informational document out there," Daly said.

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