Will you adopt any cloud computing services this year?

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It may still be a contested concept and lacking in a clear definition but there is no doubting cloud computing is on the agenda this year. You may think it is nothing new, you may think it is a waste of time, or you may think it is a great opportunity. Whatever your thoughts we want to know them.

Will you adopt any cloud computing services this year?

  • We already have
  • Yes, we are planning to
  • Maybe, still evaluating it
  • Probably not
  • No, we don't think it is worth it

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Last week we asked the question Will the AFACT v iiNet case help reduce the rate of online piracy?

Here's the results:

Yes, more people are aware of the problem now - 13%

No, it will continue unabated - 67%

Maybe, depends who wins the next round - 15%

Not sure - 5%

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