India-based Web site offers raft of free OSes

The free software movement got another small boost this week as an India-based group launched a new Web site offering users worldwide a host of different operating systems and their accompanying documentation, including Linux.

The site, based in Mumbai, India, which staunchly opposes the time-honoured and lucrative practice of charging for operating systems, offers not just the product but free documentation for at least 11 different operating systems, including Linux which is heavily documented, company officials noted.

Besides Linux, other operating systems supported by the new Web site includes, Linux, FreeBSD, BPMK, Cynus, FreeDos, Freedows, GNU Hurd, Minix, NetBSD, OpenBSD and VSTa.

While the site offers support for all 11 free operating systems, officials at admit that the most of the activity in this market revolves about Linux and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.

However, with the growing popularity of the free software movement spearheaded by Linux, officials believe that other lesser-known operating systems could rise in popularity.

" arrives at a point in the information age when such operating systems are gaining gargantuan proportions. Even more significant is that such operating systems are distributed with their source code, which enables users to hone into the actual workings of the system from scratch and modify it to meet their needs," a company spokesman said.

Other features available on include a large database of articles offering concisely edited technical information on operating systems and other software products.

FreeOS is at

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