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The top Computerworld community discussion forums this week:

1. Should Australia get an e-waste tax? We dump an astonishing 1.6 million PCs into landfill every year and more than 6 million are stored away. That's not including all the TVs, printers and cables that are all but useless for parts. To properly dispose of these we should introduce an e-waste recycle program but it comes with an e-waste tax. We ask if you would pay this fee.

2. Juniper vs Cisco What are people’s thoughts about Juniper v Cisco? This debate received a lot of attention as the community tells us what they prefer and why.

3. What's your favourite smartphone? Ranging from the ever popular iPhone to the blackberry we ask you what your favourite smartphone is and why.

4. What do you think of cloud computing reliability? Google News had a hiccup mid last year; close on the heels of the massive outage that affected most Google products. We ask if the enterprise would consider using something more reliable and would this hurt cloud adoption in the enterprise.

5. Will you be using your iPhone/iPad to further your business? We have compiled a list of iPhone apps for business owners and entrepreneurs. We ask you if your going to be using them and for what reasons.

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