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Australian IT company appoints LG-Nortel to deploy VoIP communications for international growth

Point to Point CEO Brett Haysom

Point to Point CEO Brett Haysom

LG-Nortel systems partner Aria Technologies took on the challenge to provide seamless cross-country VoIP communications when a growing Melbourne-based reseller was looking to expand across the Tasman and beyond.

Point to Point Technology, which creates in-vehicle solutions for the consumer electronics industry, has about 50 staff spread across seven offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Established seven years ago, the company’s CEO and founder, Brett Haysom, wanted to expand the organisation internationally without duplicating infrastructure, customer relationship management, financial systems and customer service, all of which ran out of the Melbourne office.

“I had a need already to create some form of wide-area-network (WAN) within our organisation to be able to sell all of our services globally out of our head office,” Haysom said. “I didn’t want to put the infrastructure in every country, because it’s associated with huge costs.”

In 2006, after establishing offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Christchurch, Haysom wanted to move the company into the lucrative US market, creating more complex and demanding IT issues, particularly around maintaining its 24/7 service.

Aria Technologies won the contract to provide its iPECS pure IP system and, four months later, the system was breathing life into three US offices.

The system is capable of routing all incoming calls through the Melbourne call centre, making use of Point to Point’s existing 24/7 service. All calls can be re-directed to an extension from any office and a soft phone facility enables mobile staff to connect via ADSL.

The process of choosing the most capable local ADSL connection was a process of trial and error, Haysom explained.

“When you’re dealing with data, it’s difficult because data runs at different speeds in different countries,” he said.

“Having a better understanding of the different services that are available when you go into a new country, and how they interact with the actual iPECS system that we’re working with to be able to deliver the voice and data quality that we’re looking for, is challenging.

“But one of the benefits of the iPECS system is you can always fall back to a standard call system, so our business was never really in jeopardy.”

Each office is connected to best-possible ADSL and an ISDN connection to the local Telco’s network for back-up. The three US-based offices, for example, are connected by Comcast, AT&T and Verizon respectively.

“A lesson has been to find the right partner that carries the iPECS line for our WAN,” Heysom said. “It’s all about finding out who in each of the individual countries has the best service that they can provide the service to do what we want.

“I couldn’t be where I’m standing today and have grown from one office in one country seven years ago to be seven offices across three countries without this, because I wouldn’t have been able to afford to duplicate the infrastructure in every country.”

Point to Point is now looking at expanding into Germany and Poland with the iPECS system in tow.

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