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CoreSight 2009 A/NZ Authentication Survey Released

Most Still Use Tokens for Remote Access, but Changes Predicted
  • 18 December, 2009 08:00

<p><b>MELBOURNE, VIC: December 18, 2009</b> - CoreSight today released a summary of a late 2009 survey of how Australian and New Zealand organisations are using - and planning to use - strong authentication technologies.</p>
<p><b>Today:</b><br/>The majority (83%) of survey respondents are already using strong authentication in some way. The majority of these organisations are using some form of physical one time password (OTP) token system to authenticate users. This is not a huge surprise - these technologies have been around for some twenty years, with vendors such as RSA and VASCO leading the pack worldwide.</p>
<p>The reasons why organisations implement a strong authentication system vary, however the survey identified the need to adhere to formal security policy, address compliance requirements, and to meet security audit recommendations as key.</p>
<p>The survey identified that today, almost three quarters of respondents use strong authentication for remote access only. An informal comparison with the same question in a similar US survey indicates that more respondents in the US are leveraging strong authentication for multiple purposes. Respondents also report that strong authentication is often part of a strategy that is wider than just remote access, with single sign-on (SSO) being the leading strategy named ahead of federation services. This may indicate that local organisations are moving toward more widestream adoption of authentication technologies.</p>
<p>Where strong authentication is currently in use, half of the respondents use more than one form of strong authentication. Around a third of respondents indicated that they have a management system in place to manage authentication across the organisation.</p>
<p>The survey also identified that there are some difficulties organsiations are experiencing in the provisioning of strong authentication systems to users. Provisioning includes activities such as assigning and shipping tokens, creating and renewing smartcards, and posting grid cards for example.</p>
<p><b>Future Plans</b>:<br/>The survey uncovered that slightly less than 40% of respondents whose organisations today only use one form of strong authentication, plan to add more authentication systems in the future. This may indicate that ‘fit for purpose’ authentication mechanisms will be implemented as organisations act to turn strategic initiatives such as SSO into reality.</p>
<p>When looking to the future of strong authentication technologies, respondents are clearly investigating - and anticipating - the increased use of smartcards and tokenless (SMS) OTP authentication systems. Respondents predicted that in the next five years, SMS OTP authentication will experience far greater growth than physical token systems - albeit starting from a far lower base.</p>
<p>There is also some growth expected in biometric authentication, using fingerprints and other biometric measures. Token-based OTP systems and physical access / proximity card systems as a means of user authentication were both expected by over half the respondents to either stagnate or decline in use in five years time compared with today.</p>
<p><b>More Information:</b><br/>A copy of the survey summary will be available on the CoreSight website from the close of business on Friday, December 18th onward. (Registration may be required.) To download visit:</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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