Gartner lays out Top 10 strategic technologies

Analyst firm lays out what it thinks will be most important in 2010

Advanced analytics: “Analytics is the new face of business intelligence, not just processing data after the event, but analysing what’s happening now to predict what’s going to happen in the future,” Jones said.

Advanced analytics is about using analytical tools and models to maximise business process and decision.

“It’s about, for example, predicting fraud instead of detecting fraud,” Jones said.

Social software and social computing: According to Gartner, three aspects of social computing have grown in the enterprise, and therefore must be considered a strategic technology.

  • Internal social computing, such as wikis
  • Public social computing, such as Facebook and MySpace, not only through your employees’ use, but also monitoring such networks to identify your company’s public image.
  • B2B social media and customer communities

“You can start building communities of business related customers and partners, so they can share information and you can share information with them,” Jones said. “There are all sorts of ways in which you can use social computing as part of your enterprise strategy.”

Flash memory: By 2012, Gartner predicts that flash memory will cost about 16 cents per gigabyte, which could open up the potential for technologies such as terabyte memory sticks.

“A lot of new and interesting opportunities will be enabled by flash memory,” Jones said.

User activity monitoring (security): Jones said security is something IT managers all have to worry about and that they must know what all their users are doing across the network.

According to Gartner new types of technologies, network access and security attacks means IT managers must be extra vigilant in this area.

“All of the new forms of attack and vulnerability mean we have to pay increased attention in monitoring our users and what users are doing over the next five years,” Jones said.

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