Gartner lays out Top 10 strategic technologies

Analyst firm lays out what it thinks will be most important in 2010

Virtualisation for availability: Virtualisation has been very popular in past top 10 lists as a consolidation technique but Jones said “migration and system availability” is a new use that’s begun to emerge.

“With live migration what you can do is take the data and state of a virtual machine, take it off one virtual machine and put it onto another virtual machine, and at some point the application can stop executing - the last instruction executes on your previous machine, and the next instruction executes of your new machine,” Jones said, adding that you are effectively teleporting your application.

He said this method of technology can then become the basis for high availability systems.

IT for green: Jones said green IT remains important, but acknowledged that many IT managers still felt the cost will outweigh the value of implementation.

“Some of the emphasis on green IT has shifted, it’s now not just about making the organisation’s IT function more green, it’s about using IT to support the overall corporate green goals,” Jones said.

According to Gartner, the new emphasis on green IT covers corporate issues such as document management, telepresence, teleworking, smart buildings, carbon tracking, and logistics.

Client computing:The dominant client computing model was and still is Windows on a PC, according to Jones. However, that model is starting to break down as more options become available to IT managers.

He said technologies such as virtual desktops, thin clients and BYO IT are challenging this model.

Mobile applications: “Mobile applications are becoming very important to the CIO,” Jones said. “What we’re seeing is as people deliver more business to consumer applications, three major B2C architectures have begun to emerge.”

Those are SMS, mobile web and native applications delivered by an app store.

Although expensive, Jones said developing a native application is the best way to reach your customers.

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