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RightNow Introduces RightNow CX, the Customer Experience Suite

New Generation of Consumers with Sky-High Expectations and Social Empowerment Requires A New Solution
  • 12 November, 2009 17:30

<p>Sydney - November 12, 2009 - RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) has announced a groundbreaking cloud solution, RightNow CX, a customer experience suite designed to deliver great customer experiences that increase advocacy, grow sales and expand margins.</p>
<p>RightNow CX is built from the ground up to help organisations deliver exceptional customer experiences, delivered in the cloud. RightNow CX addresses three primary customer engagement points - the Web Experience, the Social Experience, and the Contact Centre Experience - to ensure a seamless experience, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated.</p>
<p>Unlike CRM, which is an internally focused customer management systems, CX solutions are rooted in the end consumer. With its long-time consumer-focus, RightNow has led many innovations in knowledge management, community, voice of the customer, mobile and web experiences that simply don’t fit into traditional CRM. CX marks the shift from solutions that focus internally to solutions that focus externally and deliver superior customer experiences that drive revenue.</p>
<p>Expectations and Empowerment on the Rise</p>
<p>Today’s consumers have unlimited choices and incredibly high customer experience expectations. When their expectations are not met, consumers take action. The 2009 Impact of the Social Web on Australian Consumer Experiences Report found that 62 percent of consumers quit doing business with a company due to a bad customer experience and 83 percent of consumers that had a bad experience told others about it. With social tools at their disposal, the repercussions of this can be enormous.</p>
<p>“Consumers are forcing change in the way companies interact with them — customers are in control and set the tone for every interaction. Companies can’t manage the customer relationship anymore. However, with RightNow CX, they can control the customer experience they deliver,” said Brett Waters, Vice President Asia Pacific – South, RightNow.</p>
<p>RightNow CX</p>
<p>RightNow CX is a revolutionary approach to delivering great customer experiences that grow sales, increase customer advocacy and expand margins. RightNow CX is built from the ground up with the customer at the centre of the experience. It is a multi-channel customer experience solution for organisations that want to deliver superior customer experiences across web, social and contact centre touch points.</p>
<p>It includes:</p>
<p>- The RightNow Web Experience which seamlessly integrates into an existing web infrastructure for a fully branded online customer experience. When consumers visit a website they can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for in an interactive, engaging, and branded environment. With the RightNow Web Experience, consumers can also easily transition across web self-service, agent online, mobile devices and telephone assistance based on their needs.</p>
<p>RightNow Web Experience includes Customer Portal (for web and mobile self service), Chat and Co-Browse, Email Management and Web Experience Designer. RightNow was recently named a leader by Gartner, Inc. in the ‘Magic Quadrant for E-Service Suites’ report, underscoring the strength of the RightNow Web Experience.</p>
<p>- The RightNow Social Experience taps into social networking to promote brands, facilitate community, address customer concerns and drive revenue. Opinions are being formed and decisions being made about products and services without company involvement - on social networking sites (like YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook), on blogs and in online communities. Companies need to proactively monitor the discussions occurring on the social web, as well as facilitate interactions within communities sponsored by their brand. RightNow CX allows organisations to easily do both.</p>
<p>RightNow recently acquired HiveLive, an enterprise-class social platform provider. With the release of RightNow November ’09, the HiveLive technology has been fully integrated and is now part of the RightNow Social Experience which includes Cloud Monitor, Support Community, Innovation Community, and Social Experience Designer.</p>
<p>- The RightNow Contact Centre Experience delivers superior multi-channel customer experiences via phone, e-mail, online chat and voice self service. When a customer picks up the phone – either to speak with an agent, or interact through voice self service – they must be able to quickly and efficiently achieve their goals. Agents need a powerful agent desktop that is infused with knowledge. IVR menus should be intuitive, even speech driven.</p>
<p>RightNow Contact Centre Experience includes Phone and Multi-Channel Interaction Management, Case Management, Voice Automation, and Contact Centre Experience Designer (which consists of Desktop Workflow, Agent Scripting and Contextual Workspaces). Industry-leading companies like Black &amp; Decker, iRobot, Motorola, Nikon, and Shaklee all use RightNow Contact Centre Experience to run their award-winning contact centres.</p>
<p>- RightNow Engage enables organisations to deliver the business processes of sales, marketing and voice of the customer across the web, social and contact centre experiences. Paired with Engage’s analytics engine, it delivers deep customer insights and enables proactive, relevant customer communications, which builds loyalty and drives revenue.</p>
<p>RightNow Engage capabilities include marketing, for proactively engaging customers with personalised and relevant communications; sales, for revenue generation; and Voice of the Customer, for gathering actionable feedback.</p>
<p>Underlying RightNow CX is the RightNow CX Platform. The platform includes RightNow’s innovative self-learning knowledge foundation which infuses every customer interaction with relevant and consistent knowledge to provide the basis for a positive customer experience. RightNow Connect provides the integration framework to easily connect RightNow CX with our systems. The entirety of the RightNow CX solution leverages a mission-critical SaaS delivery model providing unparalleled up-time, security and performance.</p>
<p>“With RightNow CX, we are the only solution in the market that can deliver native web self-service, chat, co-browse, email management, community, social monitoring, phone and multi-channel interaction management along with full marketing automation, voice of the customer, sales and analytics all driven from a foundational knowledgebase and delivered in the cloud,” said Waters.</p>
<p>RightNow Makes CX Commitment</p>
<p>“The unfortunate truth about SaaS today is that it has too much software and too little service. RightNow is committed to leading the industry by putting the ‘service’ into SaaS. Our CX Commitment raises the bar for cloud computing providers everywhere,” said Waters.</p>
<p>The RightNow CX Commitment is a tangible set of activities and investments RightNow is making to ensure client success. This includes:</p>
<p>· A relentless focus on results. RightNow is adding a client success manager to each account. These success managers will be incented on client success, not sales. RightNow is also launching a new RightNow Project Methodology to ensure the right results are met for every client.</p>
<p>· Proactively sharing expertise through the newly created Centres of Excellence. For each CX solution area a Centre of Excellence will be established with deep expertise. These centres will combine the best minds from RightNow’s product management, development, support, professional services and sales teams to ensure ongoing development and sharing of CX expertise. RightNow is also planning to expand a popular service; Ask the Experts is going on demand, providing just-in-time online and in person access to the CX experts beginning next year.</p>
<p>· Delivering on the unfulfilled promise of SaaS. RightNow is committed to putting real service into SaaS, by transforming the service it delivers to clients. RightNow is simplifying contracts, providing transparency, more flexibility and remaining accountable to client results and success. RightNow also has committed to a vision of eliminating upgrades by providing invisible updates that empower clients to use new functionality quickly and easily and on a schedule that works for them.</p>
<p>About RightNow</p>
<p>RightNow is helping rid the world of bad experiences one consumer interaction at a time, seven million times a day. RightNow CX, the customer experience suite, helps organisations deliver exceptional customer experiences across the web, social networks and contact centres, all delivered via the cloud. With more than eight billion customer interactions delivered, RightNow is the customer experience fabric for nearly 2000 organisations around the globe. To learn more about RightNow, go to</p>
<p>RightNow is a registered trademark of RightNow Technologies, Inc. NASDAQ is a registered trademark of the NASDAQ Stock Market.</p>

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