Forum aims to get inside the head of Gen Y

Panel to discuss the issues of Gen Y in the workplace and how companies can best reach them

The Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) is to host a forum called Getting Inside Gen Y, a series of talks aimed at helping businesses and employers better understand the digital natives.

According to Malcolm Alder, digital business partner at KPMG, who will be moderating the event, the forum will give members of Gen Y working in the digital media space a chance to give businesses their views on how best to reach and build a relationship with them.

“Most Businesses that I talk to do have a common view that it notoriously difficult to find Gen Y in any numbers for their product or service, and even if you can find them they are notoriously fickle,” Alder said.

Alder said that one of the issues to be discussed at the event will be the challenge of building brand loyalty among members of Gen Y.

Due to the fact the Internet has given incredible reach for Gen Y to go and source content from anywhere, building strong relationships was difficult. Alder cited the example of the way that MySpace lost ground to Facebook over the past couple of years.

“To think that Gen Y will suddenly be enamoured with your piece of content when they stop browsing is a fanciful idea,” Alder said.

Also up for discussion will be Gen Y in the workplace, Alder said.

The high expectations of Gen Y have been dashed by the global economic crisis, and now they experience difficulty out in the workforce, trying to find jobs which were once plentiful.

“I think that Gen Y and the latter half of Gen X have generally been in a position in the workplace where supply has outstripped demand by some margin and the great majority, up until a year ago, was in boom economic times, but now they have no sense of what it’s like to be in an environment where organisations are shedding jobs,” Alder said.

The event will be held in Sydney on October 22.

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