Webwasher filters out larger Web ads

Webwasher.com has released a version of its software for Linux and Windows operating systems that can filter out the new, larger Web site ads that were launched last month. The new ad-size standards include "skyscrapers" with as many as 120 x 600 pixels and "rectangles" with as many as 336 x 280 pixels -- three times the average ad size currently in use. Webwasher CEO Horst Joepen said the new ads are "network hogs." Three times the screen size translates into roughly three times the file size, he pointed out. "For large enterprise networks, the impact on network bandwidth and performance could be [dramatic], depending on how many employees are online," Joepen said. Webwasher.com is working on a Macintosh version of its new software package. The company says it hopes to launch it in two or three months.

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