Infolibria touts Web caching for less

Infolibria Inc. this week debuted a Web caching appliance for midsize companies that want to add caching and content delivery, but don't need an expensive high-end box.

DynaCache 5 is a rack-mountable Web caching device that could help enterprise users save WAN bandwidth by locally storing frequently visited Web and intranet sites on a LAN. Service providers could use the device for pushing Web content geographically closer to customers.

In an enterprise deployment, the box would sit between a company's LAN switch and the WAN router link. When a user loads a Web page, the content is pulled from the Web and saved on the device.

The device scans outgoing requests for content it may have in its cache and can deliver this content locally, which improves speed and lowers WAN bandwidth utilization. The device has 40G bytes of storage and can support 200 and 1,000 users.

Products that perform similar tasks on a larger scale are available from Infolibria and its competitors, such as F5 Networks and CacheFlow.

The cost for competing products can range from US$15,000 to $20,000, compared to DynaCache 5's $7,500.

"A lot of people are looking at replacing their [software-based] proxy cache infrastructures, such the Windows and Netscape proxy servers, and the Novell BorderManager stuff," says Peter Firstbrook, a META Group analyst.

More appliance-style boxes that can handle Web caching less expensively, should be popular with network professionals and become more available in the near future, he says.

Firstbrook adds that increased competition for these users - especially from new market entrants such as Volera, a Novell spin-off Web caching firm - will bring down the cost for these types of devices.

DynaCache 5 is available now.


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