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Ad.IQ Continues Australian Market Momentum with New Client Wins

  • 26 August, 2009 17:49

<p>Sydney, 26 August 2009 - Ad.IQ, the dominant provider of mobile marketing services to the world’s top 1,000 advertisers, has announced several new clients representing a diverse range of vertical markets, including those from the financial services, higher education, and non-profit sectors.</p>
<p>PR Finance, RAMS Home Loans, GIO Insurance, Aussie Home Loans, The University of South Australia and The NSW Cancer Council have all chosen Ad.IQ to facilitate campaigns which give consumers the opportunity to engage with advertising by the mobile channel. At the same time, Ad.IQ clients can directly measure the results of individual campaigns by creative, channel or offer.</p>
<p>Australia is the first country with a local rate number range which consumers can call or SMS. The benefits of adding mobile to advertising on local rate numbers include a dramatic increase in response as well as interactive tagging and measurement of advertising.</p>
<p>“Many organisations already have a 13-number. However, marketing departments now have the opportunity to SMS-enable the number. The result can be a single, clean call-to-action such as ‘Call or SMS keyword to 13 xxxx’. From a consumer perspective, mobile response delivers an immediate, 24/7, discreet, response channel that delivers a positive and compelling brand experience,” said James Critchley, Managing Director, Ad.IQ</p>
<p>Ad.IQ’s technology platform enables customer relationship management via the mobile channel. It can be employed, for example, in response to a consumer requesting a brochure, details about the nearest branch or to schedule a call-back or register support.</p>
<p>By varying the keywords on each media and each creative execution, Ad.IQ allows marketers to see exactly which advertisement the consumer has seen, right down to the individual time spots on television or different print titles. At the same time, marketers can ascertain which creative or media is delivering the best return on investment.</p>
<p>“In these tough economic times, there is a greater emphasis on accountability, return on investment and metrics. We are delighted to win these new clients. They are testament to the strength of the team we have built in Australia and also to the success of our strategy in building relationships with major brand advertisers and their agencies. We look forward to fostering strong, dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships with these organisations,” said Critchley.</p>
<p>About Ad.IQ</p>
<p>Ad.IQ is the dominant provider of mobile marketing services to the world’s top 1,000 advertisers helping companies to derive the maximum benefits from mobile data: from providing detailed information about which media is most effective to accurate prospect databases to support ongoing customer communication. Ad.IQ operates across the globe servicing 12 major markets.</p>
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