E.piphany boosts Web services support

CRM company E.piphany Inc. has boosted its support for Web services with its announcement Monday of the integration of Microsoft Corp.'s MapPoint .Net geographic mapping system into its sales software suite.

The announcement demonstrates how quickly and easily new Web services architectures can help create new application capabilities by combining components from multiple vendors, according to E.piphany officials. Although MapPoint is a .Net-based Web service, and E.piphany's E.6 solution is based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition, open Web services standards allow for seamless interoperation between the technologies, said Phil Fernandez, E.piphany's executive vice president of products.

With the integration of MapPoint, end-users will be able to have the sales module call the Web service to map customer locations, obtain driving directions, and plot travel itineraries without leaving the E.piphany applications.

"It allows our customers, who are in this case mobile field sales reps, to be able to plot and map and get driving directions to customer sites," said Paul Rodwick, E.piphany vice president of market development and strategy. "They can not only manage their pipeline and all their contact history ... they can also now make sure that they actually get to their appointments on time and are well prepared."

Furthermore, E.piphany plans to add support for additional .Net Web services in the future, Rodwick added.

"We expect that our customers and our integration partners will be able to tap into the growing library of ... .Net services and use those within the E.piphany application," he said. "This really holds promise for the future of bringing together both Java-based and Microsoft .Net functionality on the Web service model."

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