Traveland: navigating migration with care

Traveland plans to navigate around any potential of financials to hinder normal business routines when it test runs its new financial system with a mirroring of data.

"The changeover of financial systems is not easy, it is quite involved," said Traveland's CIO, Priyanka Paranagama.

The travel services company, which expects to go live with System Union's SunSystems platform in April, has been burnt before in a prior financial systems changeover.

Paranagama said only the necessary credit and debit balances will be transferred from their old system, Platinum Financials, as the company had spent the past five years coping with issues stemming from that migration of data.

"We will be taking the minimum requirement of data across to the new system, which was the strategy from the beginning. The old data will be kept in a data-warehousing layer for historical perspective. However, the data will be presented as a seamless picture."

All financial transactions from the Traveland group of wholly owned branches, franchises and Internet bookings are handled at a central locale.

Paranagama said the company had wanted to change its whole computer system structure for the past two years.

"The change of our business function means that things are done differently, so we needed to change the business infrastructure architecture."

"We have had the same financial system for the past five years, and there have been a lot of weaknesses in the system due to upgrading and customising. Due to this we had been unable to keep up with the normal upgrade path," he said.

"We also encountered problems with Y2K and GST, as we were not on the upgrade path. We solved these problems, but they were not satisfactory solutions."

Paranagama said the implementation of the replacement financial platform was going "very smoothly".

He said they had encountered the usual issues associated with a migration of data and change of interface on the point of sale system, which had yet to be finalised.

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