Vizioncore updates virtual backup & recovery tool

Enhanced virtual backup and recovery

Vizioncore has announced a major new version of its flagship backup package for virtual machines that includes support for VMware's new cloud operating system, vSphere 4.

vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP (Data Protection Platform) takes over from the previous 3.2 version and is also compatible with VMware Infrastructure 3. According to the company, the new version has an improved user interface, and features enhanced backup and recovery options "to enable enterprises of all sizes to easily and reliably protect their critical data held on virtual machines (VMs)."

Key features of the new version include more flexible backup and restore options, including instant file level restore, backup and restore to and from SFTP and CIFS repositories, direct to target backups, as well as PowerShell access and full integration with VMware vCenter and vMotion.

A customisable GUI management console allowing system admins to schedule and perform entire image, incremental or differential backups of their virtual infrastructure, while the virtual machines remain running.

"This is a major new version," said Roger Baskerville, VP of EMEA. "Vizioncore was the first to market with virtualisation backup tool [vRanger] back in 2005, and this launch has added much more scalability to the product, giving customers very flexible and restore options [incremental, differential, and full backups]."

In addition, compressed backups stored on a local SAN or at remote locations can be quickly restored; data, applications, configurations settings and all other OS-level changes benefit from an 'instant file level restore.'

"Imagine you just backing up the whole virtual machine, but you lost just one file," said Baskerville. This instant file level restore allows you to get that one lost file back, and not the whole virtual machine."

"For example, you could go to the data centre manager, and say I have lost personnel file from three months ago, can I have it back please?," Baskerville told Techworld. "Rather than go find the backup, just by giving the administrator the file name, he can recover the file rather than restructure the whole virtual machine."

"The new version also has a reduced backup window, as nowadays people only so much time to backup, and this version allows for multiple simultaneous backups," said Baskerville. "It also has a lot of other features, plus platform support for vSphere 4.0, but it still can backup VMware Infrastructure 3 as well."

"In the future, we will be moving this to multi-hypervisor support, in further releases," he added. "This is very important to people because they don't want two backup strategies, say if they are running a VMware production system, and the front-end running Citrix."

vRanger Pro 4.0 DPP is now available as a public beta, and it will be released in three phases during the next year, adding further functionalities with each iteration.

According to Baskerville, these future releases will be point releases. "It has been in private beta, and now it is in public beta," he said. "The general availability release usually depends on feedback, but it is normally within a month."

Pricing is expected to be US$499 per CPU.

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