Storage vendor St. Bernard branches out

Storage vendor St. Bernard Software Inc. moved into the area of Internet infrastructure this week with the acquisition of Internet Products Inc., maker of an Internet filtering appliance that lets network managers in schools and large enterprises monitor Web use and site access. iPrism is a rack-mountable hardware-based appliance that contains filtering software to limit a person's access to an Internet site and determine whether sites are appropriate for access. iPrism 2.0 has been improved for ease of use and adds more reporting features. It can also be configured to allow access to appropriate work sites during business hours and access to other sites on off-hours or lunchtimes.

St. Bernard makes software called Open File Manager (OFM), which lets users back up their networks without taking their network down or closing applications, such as databases. The company claims it has sold over 150,000 copies of OFM.

OFM works on Microsoft Corp. Windows NT, Windows 2000 and NetWare servers and now will detect server fail-over and recovery efforts in Microsoft Cluster Server environments. If a cluster fails, OFM will detect when a volume mounts or dismounts and switch its support for backing up open files to the standby server, and vice versa.

Open File Manager now also supports Microsoft's Management Console and has a Web browser-based management interface for monitoring and operation from a central console. In addition, a new NetScan utility lets network managers inventory the version numbers of OFM software running on different servers. OFM is licensed by the number of servers and starts at US$650 per server.

The company also manufactures SPQuery, software that applies service packs and bug fixes to Windows NT and Windows 2000 networks. SPQuery is US$600 for up to 75 servers. iPrism starts at $3,500 for the appliance with a one-year subscription for support and filter updates.

St. Bernard Software was founded in 1995 and is privately funded.

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