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Australian Parachute Federation Jumps Online With Elcom

Not-for-profit organisation set to launch new online registration, reporting and information services to boost skydiving popularity in Australia
  • 29 April, 2009 11:00

<p>The Australian Parachute Federation (APF,, the administrative and representative body of Australian sport parachuting, is preparing for a major overhaul of its website and registration system with local content management and web development company Elcom.</p>
<p>Sporting an outdated manual registration system used to process more than 80,000 new member applications each year, the APF went to tender looking to migrate to an automated web-based system to improve service delivery to its clubs and members. In doing so, the APF also sought out a better solution for pushing current information to its members via the web, and to publish accurate, up-to-date reports on all activities for its board of directors.</p>
<p>The result is a new content management platform – currently in development and due to go live in July or August – that will make it much easier for the APF’s 60-plus national skydiving clubs to register their members online. It will also provide a more dynamic information resource with the aim of increasing member retention from one per cent to five per cent a year.</p>
<p>“Presently most members join up for a one-off tandem dive with an instructor, but we want to encourage more people to take up the sport on an ongoing basis,” says APF chief executive officer Brad Turner.</p>
<p>“This is not only important for generating the revenue the sport needs to survive, but also for boosting the numbers of active participants that can progress the sport and make it competitive in an increasingly time-poor society.”</p>
<p>Elcom’s solution, based on its CommunityManager.NET enterprise content management platform, will give the APF a web-based system with broad functionality, including online registrations linked to an active member database, multimedia and other publishing options, and extensive reporting capabilities. It will also allow the APF to open up its website for member communications, enabling members to actively engage the organisation, their clubs and fellow members via the web.</p>
<p>“Like any other code of sport, the more involved a person becomes, the more information they need, which in turns helps them improve, become more passionate about what they do, and invite others to participate,” says John Anstey, founder and chief executive officer, Elcom.</p>
<p>“The system we’re building for the APF will become a launchpad for delivering rich content to its members, but will also help them administer registrations in real-time and publish live reports, all business-critical functions in a not-for-profit organisation.”</p>
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<p>About Elcom</p>
<p>Founded in 1996 with the vision of developing customisable internet software products and solutions that could be integrated into any organisation, Elcom is today one of Australia's leading and most prolific web application development companies.</p>
<p>Elcom develops enterprise content management systems (ECMS) and Web Applications for secure internet, extranet and intranet sites. Elcom’s Web Applications are built on the CommunityManager.NET Platform, which enables customers to take advantage of the internet to build websites, portals, B2B and B2C applications. Current Web Applications include WebManager.NET, IntranetManager.NET, PartnerPortal.NET, TrainingManager.NET, InductionManager.NET, EnterpriseSearch.NET, GovernmentPortal.NET and eCommerceManager.NET.</p>
<p>Elcom’s customers include some of the largest blue-chip names in the automotive, retail, property development, healthcare, government and education sectors in Australia.</p>

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