HP touts Adaptive Enterprise advantages

Trying to convince its customers that disparate software and hardware impediments can be transformed into manageability and control tools powering a dynamically shifting infrastructure, Hewlett-Packard opened its HP Software Forum here on Monday with an overview of rewards and challenges to grasp that goal.

Clearly outlining the steps HP’s Adaptive Enterprise strategy and its Darwin Reference Architecture can serve as catalysts toward building a services management framework, Nora Denzel, senior vice president and general manager, software global business unit, of HP, said an organization’s infrastructure layer must be virtualized to quickly adapt to a myriad of business changes that occur.

"There’s no easy answer," Denzel cautioned audience members, many of whom she acknowledged may still be wary of growth and investment given uncertain economic conditions. "The ultimate state of fitness in an IT environment is optimizing your resources so supply and demand (is) matched. Every single business process triggers an event," which requires automation.

Denzel said customers should adopt a flexible infrastructure model which can work on any piece of hardware and easily tie to outside software applications to reduce the amount of cost, time, and personnel required to manage and maintain existing IT infrastructure. She said the recouped dollars in turn can be harnessed on new endeavors by application developers.

In order to successfully implement Adaptive Management, the HP executive told her customers first they must get the full range of resources, including storage, servers, monitoring, inventory, provisioning, and planning under stabilized control.

Next, they must begin to think about daily operations and connections as services.

"Everything is integrated and clustered together rather than discrete partitions," Denzel remarked.

Lastly, to achieve real-time business agility, end-users need to discover how to link business processes to IT gear in an automated paradigm that supports non-human intervention to take advantage of services tools including SOAP and WSDL.

"This is not a vision, these are (HP) products that ship today and feed into adaptive management," she added.

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