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RDX QuikStor gives WA accountants smart data protection

  • 21 April, 2009 12:05

<p>As a small but thriving accounting and financial services business, Wellington Partners are very much aware of the need for keeping their data safe, to ensure uninterrupted customer service and to comply with regulations on data management and control.</p>
<p>But the Perth-based company was having difficulties with its entry-level tape backup system which, according to CEO Daniel Di Julio, was slow and unreliable. Staff found that tapes in the 24GB DAT/DDS drive were running out of space each night, resulting in incomplete backups. The firm runs Small Business Server 2000 on a small Intel server.</p>
<p>“The old tapes were too cumbersome and too slow,” said Daniel. “We wanted an alternative that was reliable, fast and not too expensive – something we could set and forget.”</p>
<p>Daniel accepted a recommendation from the firm’s services provider iTLC Pty Ltd to install a Tandberg Data RDX® QuikStor™ removable disk storage device with two 80GB cartridges. This solution combines the simplicity of tape-based backup with the speed and flexibility of a hard drive.</p>
<p>“It was an ideal solution for Wellington Partners,” says iTLC Director David Brereton. “A member of staff had suggested they buy a 160GB hard drive and backup to that every night. Apart from limiting them to a single backup media, susceptible to failure, it would have been unwieldy to take offsite for security.”</p>
<p>In contrast, the RDX QuikStor’s compact drive takes neat pocket-sized cartridges, each of which is a rugged miniature hard disk. Wellington Partners’ computer recognises these and provides instant access via drag and drop control.</p>
<p>“It’s very simple to use because you have an on-screen view,” says Daniel Di Julio. “We can take a copy, go in and see exactly what we want to backup, access or retrieve. I use it, and so do the staff. Whoever leaves the office last in the evening is instructed to run the day’s backup. In this way we ensure that our data is safe from fire, flood or burglary.”</p>
<p>The RDX QuikStor was installed in 2007 and has “never missed a beat”, according to Daniel. He adds: “It has performed faultlessly since the day it was installed.” On occasions when the partnership has had problems with its server, staff have gone into the RDX cartridge and recovered information effortlessly and quickly.</p>
<p>Discussing return on investment (ROI), Daniel says the main element to date is time saved by staff doing the daily backups in less than five minutes. However, should there ever be a serious computer crash or emergency like a fire or burglary, “the RDX QuikStor will pay for itself many times over.”</p>
<p>Wellington Partners has been providing tax, accounting and financial services for over 20 years. With a complete ‘in-house’ accounting, taxation and financial planning service a single firm, clients benefit from a fully integrated and efficient service by professionals who are familiar with them and their businesses.</p>
<p>The partnership introduced a system and set of processes that enables staff to communicate with the client base and allow access to important information from the Australian Taxation Office and other sources of information.</p>
<p>The firm believes in providing quality Accounting , Taxation and Management Consulting Services to clients in a timely and efficient manner. The website has been designed with this in mind and allows clients to gain immediate access to the information, resources and help they need to run their businesses.</p>
<p>Tandberg Data’s effective technology was recommended to Wellington Partners by Perth-based iTLC Pty Ltd, formed in 2000 from the merger of two consulting and IT services companies whose owners had worked on collaborative projects since 1990.</p>
<p>Together John Burrell and David Brereton head iTLC’s focus on ‘customer focused solutions beyond simple repairs’. The company offers broad-ranging IT services including hardware and application sales and support, and support for Microsoft applications</p>
<p>The versatile RDX QuikStor</p>
<p>Tandberg Data’s RDX QuikStor is designed to sustain data transfers up to 45MB/sec - more than 160 GB/Hr. Capacities of 80,160, 320 and 500GB of data on a single cartridge provide enough space to back up an entire workstation or server, ensuring the data is fully protected yet instantly available. Backups and restores are fast, with none of the rewind delay of tape systems. Access is near-instant, allowing users to work directly with data on the cartridge, just as they would with any other hard drive.</p>
<p>Drives are tough and cartridges are shockproof and rugged enough to last for many years - knocks and drops don't mean lost data. The easy to use RDX FileKeeper software installs in three clicks and provides ‘Always-on’ continuous protection of user data and a complete backup of all system and application data for disaster recovery. Added features such as encryption ensure complete peace of mind. The cartridges are small and durable enough to slip into a pocket for carrying offsite. They may be stored for archiving, or used to transfer data to another computer.</p>
<p>About Tandberg Data</p>
<p>Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection technologies. Tandberg Data offers of a complete range of tape libraries, tape autoloaders and tape drives (based on the LTO™, SLR™, and VXA® tape technology platforms), storage software, data media and disk-based storage such as the RDX® QuikStor™. These solutions are marketed exclusively through a channel of qualified resellers and distributors.</p>
<p>These solutions are underpinned by OEM agreements with major server manufacturers including IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, Apple, and Dell and supported by all major operating systems and storage software applications to operate in heterogeneous network environments. All solutions are designed to meet the growing storage requirements of small and medium-sized organisations with scalability, reliability, and backward compatibility features that ensure cost effective operation and long-term investment protection.</p>
<p>In addition to corporate offices in Oslo, Norway, TANDBERG DATA ASA has subsidiaries in the USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore, as well as branch offices in Italy, and China (PRC) and Brazil. TANDBERG DATA ASA is a publicly held company based in Oslo, Norway and is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker=TAD).</p>
<p>TD Asia is headquartered in Singapore, with centralised Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Logistics, Technical and a state-of-the-art Service and Repair Centre to cater for consumer needs worldwide.</p>
<p>APAC address:
20 Bendemeer Road, #04-05 Cyberhub Singapore 339914
Tel: +65 6396 0786
Fax: +65 6396 0787</p>
<p>For further information, please visit</p>
<p>RDX QuikStor and SLR are trademarks of Tandberg Data ASA. VXA is a registered trademark of Tandberg Data ASA. RDX is a registered trademark of ProStor Systems, Inc. LTO is a trademark of HP, IBM and Quantum. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.</p>
<p>For more information</p>
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