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Improved recoverability pays dividends for ‘IT Manager on Demand’

  • 07 April, 2009 15:55

<p>Soon after switching its data protection solution from Acronis to StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect, infotech solutions company IT Manager on Demand was able to restore a customer’s crashed server in less than 10 minutes.</p>
<p>The customer was Harasty’s, supplier of skilled hospitality personnel to Sydney’s conference and catering facilities. Although their server drive was partitioned correctly, the Windows Server 2003 Small Business operating system became corrupted.</p>
<p>According to IT Manager on Demand’s CEO, Sean Bloch, it took an hour to decide on the quickest way to resolve the issue. The ShadowProtect disk-based real time recovery solution had performed a full backup the previous week, so it was decided to recover from this.</p>
<p>“It took about three minutes for the restore to run, and six minutes to complete the check disk – on a substantial 40GB partition,” said Sean. “The operating system and data on Exchange, MYOB, files and Access were all recovered – amazing!”</p>
<p>He added: “I’m scared even to think about the alternatives. It would have meant a tape drive backup, a six-hour rebuild of the partition, then all workstations on the network would have required reconfiguring. They would have been lucky to be up and running by the following week.”</p>
<p>IT Manager on Demand had switched from Acronis to using ShadowProtect after first trialling the solution, then performing a head-to-head evaluation.</p>
<p>“At first glance, both products appear to be similar. However, when you look under the covers you find ShadowProtect wins every time. Ultimately it was StorageCraft ShadowProtect’s reliability and local (Australian) based support that won us over,” said Sean. “As an example, ShadowProtect has a feature called ‘Self-Healing Incremental Recovery’ which fixes a broken incremental backup chain, providing exceptional reliability and backup integrity. Acronis does not have this, which we believe jeopardises our customers’ data, which is unacceptable. Backups must be rock solid, and ShadowProtect delivers the best reliability at a very affordable price point.”</p>
<p>For another customer, Madison Financial Group, IT Manager on Demand used ShadowProtect to migrate a networked system to new hardware. The customer has a four-server environment, so they swapped information on two servers to the other two using ShadowProtect imaging, and upgraded the two ‘down’ servers before imaging the information back to them. Then they upgraded the other two servers in a similar way.</p>
<p>“To upgrade the four servers and all upgrades took two days. It would have been impossible to do this without ShadowProtect: we would have had to rebuild in what could have been a three-week project,” said Sean. “The HIR (hardware independent restore) technology is a life saver and we believe critical for any recovery technology. StorageCraft includes HIR as standard - with Acronis, it costs extra. StorageCraft’s HIR is easy, fast and rock solid. HIR can add new drivers on the fly and uses a genuine Microsoft -based recovery environment which we believe is important if you are restoring a Windows server.”</p>
<p>ShadowProtect also came to the rescue when a Hewlett-Packard server at Aruze Gaming (eds: correct sp) suffered a mother board crash. IT Manager on Demand’s people took the server to their office and managed to swap a ShadowProtect image across to a different hardware platform inside two hours.</p>
<p>When the mother board was replaced a week later, the role-swapping process was repeated in reverse. The operation took two hours for each server and since it took place at night, Aruze Gaming lost no processing time.</p>
<p>“ShadowProtect HIR makes hardware migrations a trivial process and eliminates stress from us and our customers,” said Sean Bloch. “It makes us more efficient and has enabled us to deliver even higher levels of service to our customers. The ability to restore an Exchange, SQL or SharePoint server in minutes back to its ExactState as of as of 15 minutes ago is incredible.”</p>
<p>As a StorageCraft partner, IT Manager on Demand sells six or seven copies of ShadowProtect each month. Sean Bloch says he finds that far too many small to medium businesses “still don’t pay enough attention to backups because historically it has been too expensive and too complex- ShadowProtect is key to eliminating cost and complexity from backup, recovery and disaster recovery – it is now our standard solution.”</p>
<p>About IT Manager on Demand</p>
<p>IT Manager on Demand is a well established, results driven, IT solutions company servicing small, medium and large clients. An eight-strong staff including five computer engineers provide a wide range of IT services including procurement, deployment, backup, disaster recovery, maintenance and support and network services that maximise return on investment.</p>
<p>Network services include server installations, full network monitoring, interstate office onsite support, remote support and helpdesk to ensure immediate response to any problem.
IT Manager on Demand offers full support to smaller organisations, or supports an in-house function in larger organisations.</p>
<p>IT Manager on Demand provides Fully Managed Services where support is done proactively. They have moved away from the traditional break/fix model. IT Manager on Demand offers a fix fee pricing model to all its clients so they know what their monthly services spend will be. In order to support a disaster recovery under such a fixed fee contract, it is a condition for fixed fee customers, to have a Shadow Protect solution in their infrastructure.</p>
<p>About StorageCraft
StorageCraft Technology Corporation provides innovative disk-based backup, disaster recovery, system migration, data protection and security solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft delivers software products that reduce downtime, improve security and stability for systems and data and lower the total cost of ownership for servers, desktops and laptops.</p>
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