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Western Bay of Plenty District Council selects Objective to support the growth of services to the community

  • 07 April, 2009 10:20

<p>Western Bay of Plenty District Council has selected Objective Corporation’s (ASX: OCL) Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to improve information management and support the growth of services to the community.</p>
<p>The Western Bay of Plenty District, one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand, covers some 212,000 hectares and has a population of just over 42,000.</p>
<p>In selecting Objective, Western Bay of Plenty Regional Council undertook a limited tender process open only to vendors who could prove success and reference-ability in similar Local Government environments.</p>
<p>Mr Bruce Balfour, Support Services Manager, Western Bay of Plenty District Council said: “Local Government’s are made up of discreet business units that need to work together. Currently, silos of information exist which has restricted collaboration and transparency across the business and within our community.</p>
<p>“We selected Objective because of their strong integration capabilities, robust architecture and their ability to adapt to our future business needs. We were impressed with their reliable technology and their understanding of the core capabilities of Local Government. They really understand our business requirements,” said Mr Balfour.</p>
<p>Objective will be used by Council staff in geographically dispersed locations; to capture, store and manage the large amount of information associated with providing a broad range of services to customers including management of: parks and reserves, libraries, utilities, roads, cemeteries, infrastructure development and strategic and District planning.</p>
<p>“Objective will be the single source of the truth for our staff and allow them to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, Objective will store all incoming correspondence such as applications or Building Consent forms in a single location. Therefore we can reduce the time it takes to handle and process applications, resulting in cost cutting and a faster response time to the citizens of the District,” said Mr Balfour.</p>
<p>Implementing an ECM solution will provide the Council with the following additional benefits:</p>
<p>Reduced time spent travelling to and from a central repository of paper-based information</p>
<p>Reduced time spent on searching for lost documents and duplication</p>
<p>Creating access to legacy information electronically, particularly property related information, will reduce the costs of providing this service over the counter</p>
<p>Faster access to information through user-friendly search capabilities</p>
<p>Reduce risk of catastrophic loss of corporate and community information</p>
<p>In addition to document management, the Council will use Objective to improve collaboration and authoring of documents.</p>
<p>“The Council regularly produces policies that need to have a strict approval process applied to them, for example: Environmental, Road/Transport and Utilities Polices that must comply with local government legislation and the Long Term Council Community Plan.
“Objective will allow our staff to collectively draft, edit, publish and approve policy documents regardless of which office they are located in,” said Mr Balfour.</p>
<p>Objective will integrate with the Council’s core application system, Origen, which is the authoritative source of data on the Council’s residences, properties and business transactions. It will also integrate with the Geographical Information System (GIS), the Councils intranet, Microsoft Office applications and standard Windows operating system.</p>
<p>“By leveraging the tight integration capabilities of Objective, our users will be able to work in a way familiar to them and are not forced into yet another application,” said Mr Balfour.</p>
<p>“Seamless integration with the existing systems via an easy to use interface will improve productivity and allow us to service our community better.”</p>
<p>For example, the Council will use Objective to manage business processes such as Land Information Memorandum’s. The process will streamline and improve customer service because staff will be able to quickly and easily access key information such as property owner details from Origen and zoning regulation details from GIS through a single point of access.</p>
<p>“Local Governments collaborate, share experiences, resources and knowledge. Moving forward, Objective will allow us to share our information with other Council’s in the region. Likewise we can leverage off existing Local Government knowledge, without having to start from scratch.</p>
<p>“We will be able to share documents across Councils and geographic locations. This is a very powerful tool for us and Objective will make this possible,” said Mr Balfour.</p>
<p>Contact Information
Objective Corporation Limited
Ph: +61 2 9955 2288
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