SAP spinoff TeaLeaf upgrades e-commerce offering

TeaLeaf Technology Inc., a spinoff of enterprise software powerhouse SAP AG, Tuesday began shipping a new version of its system for recording and visually replaying how customers interact with a Web site.

Originally a server software plug-in, TeaCommerce 2.0 is now housed in a device - called the TeaLeaf Capture Appliance - that network managers install at the edge of their networks to monitor Web site activity. The device helps companies identify technical problems, like application and logic errors, as well as business problems, such as why customers are abandoning their shopping carts.

The key new feature in TeaCommerce 2.0 is real-time alerting, which complements the product's ability to review historical customer activity. Now, network managers can set thresholds for both technical and business issues and receive alerts if the site performs under the thresholds. For example, the network manager would be contacted immediately if the site's checkout button failed or if a major customer had shopped on the site but decided not to make a purchase.

"TeaCommerce 1.0 was retroactive. We could look at customer activity after the fact. Now we can monitor the site in real time," says Randi Barshack, vice president of marketing and cofounder of TeaLeaf. "That's really important when the errors relate to business issues, such as lost sales."

TeaCommerce 2.0 also includes improved reporting capabilities and enhanced playback, which now operates like a digital slide show. Available now, the TeaCommerce product suite starts at US$100,000.

TeaLeaf also launched an assessment service called TeaLeaf Web Tune-up. TeaLeaf will install its capture appliance in a customer's network for 10 days and provide an analysis of the technical and business issues on the Web site. The tune-up service costs $30,000.

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