ASUS VW225TL LCD monitor

ASUS' mid-range 22in LCD monitor handles motion adequately, despite having a comparatively slow 5ms response time.

ASUS doesn't offer anything particularly exciting with its 22in VW225TL LCD monitor, but it is adequate for use as a basic computer display.

The ASUS VW225TL has a maximum resolution of 1680x1050 pixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio. Its response time is 5ms, which is slow for a 22in monitor. ASUS doesn't provide its standard contrast ratio, but it does have a dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1.

The ASUS VW225TL 22in monitor has a subtle brown bezel that looks classy and is reminiscent of the ASUS U2E ultraportable notebook. It isn't leather like the notebook, but it has a matte finish so it isn't reflective. Unfortunately, a thin gloss black strip around the outside is distracting.

The VW225TL LCD display sits on a swivelling stand which can be rotated roughly 45 degrees to either side. It is also height adjustable, with 7cm between the lowest and highest positions. It cannot be rotated into portrait mode. A small pin must be removed to adjust the height, but the monitor sat comfortably at all height positions without it. It can tilt vertically, but its vertical viewing angles are particularly poor, with colours easily washing out.

ASUS provides the usual DVI and VGA ports, along with an audio-in port for the LCD monitor's integrated speakers. HDCP support is also offered on the VW225TL display, allowing you to watch protected content over DVI.

The ASUS VW225TL 22in LCD monitor provides a number of configuration options, ranging from basic settings like brightness to more uncommon options like skin tone and saturation. Colour temperature settings are unfortunately indicated by description — Warm and Cool, for example — rather than industry standard temperatures, but we appreciate the fact that sRGB is included.

ASUS makes a big deal of its Splendid presets but they tend to be more trouble than they are worth. Choosing the Standard Splendid setting, for example, prevents you from adjusting basic settings such as dynamic contrast, saturation and sharpness. SRGB is also only available when using the Standard setting, making for an odd compromise between user configuration and colour accuracy. The inability to turn Splendid presets off completely means that you are forced to experiment more than should be necessary.

Image quality is good for desktop use, provided you configure the monitor to meet your needs. Colours range from dull to vivid depending on the preset used and it is often difficult to find that sweet spot for accuracy, particularly when using the monitor for professional graphics or video work.

Contrast won't suit those looking for the deepest blacks; this problem is exacerbated by noticeable backlight bleeding at the bottom and sides of the panel. Dynamic contrast does aid with better blacks for the most part, and provides a smooth transition between light and dark scenes in movies and games. However, despite being smooth, the dynamic contrast feature can often be somewhat slow in responding.

Fast-paced movement is handled surprisingly well for a 5ms LCD monitor. While playing games, there was no visible tearing or ghosting in the image. Movies played smoothly and did not suffer from aberrations. Though the poor contrast and colour will affect some content, motion is handled well enough to play games or watch movies.

For normal desktop use, the ASUS VW225TL 22in LCD monitor is adequate, with decent motion capabilities and a wide range of configuration. However, with a raft of other issues affect overall contrast, backlight and colour accuracy prevent the display from being a good candidate for movies and games.

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