RSA security integrated into PeopleSoft 8

RSA Security announced Wednesday the integration of its RSA ClearTrust product with PeopleSoft Inc.'s PeopleSoft 8 Web-based enterprise application suite. The collaboration is intended to provide improved security and identity management capabilities to the PeopleSoft 8 product line, while also tying the PeopleSoft suite closer to other third party Web applications, according to a statement released by RSA.

RSA's ClearTrust Web access management technology will continue to be sold separately, but ClearTrust customers who wish to use the product to manage PeopleSoft 8 applications on their network will now be able to do so using the product "out of the box," according to Stewart Cohen, RSA's director of partner development.

"We have tooled ClearTrust to work with PeopleSoft 8. No software change is necessary," said Cohen.

PeopleSoft could not be reached for comment.

Previously, customers wishing to use ClearTrust to manage PeopleSoft installations needed an RSA systems integrator to link the two products, according to Cohen. Now customers will only need to consult RSA documentation on how to integrate the two products using existing features. That documentation is provided free of charge on the RSA website.

While PeopleSoft 8 already supports a single logon capability through its PeopleTools application, ClearTrust allows that single logon to be extended to other applications outside of the PeopleSoft suite of products -- effectively integrating PeopleSoft applications more closely with other Web-based applications.

In addition to the single logon feature, ClearTrust also adds more sophisticated authentication methods than are currently possible using just the PeopleTools product, said Cohen.

"PeopleSoft customers get a variety of authentication methods. In addition to user name and password authentication, they get secure ID token authentication, digital certificates and so on."

Security roles and certificates are managed through the ClearTrust product, Cohen said.

The collaboration between the two companies underscores the growing importance of streamlined security for organizations that are turning to Web-based applications such as PeopleSoft's to deploy a wide range of employee services and business applications online, analysts say.

"Companies are concerned with being able to get security credentials out to people and being able to verify, when they log on, that they are who (the company thinks) they are," said Charles Kolodgy, research manager at IDC.

As part of the collaboration, RSA has certified PeopleSoft as a Secured ClearTrust Ready Partner, joining a long list of other partners -- including a number of PeopleSoft's competitors in the enterprise application market.

PeopleSoft, in turn, has certified RSA's ClearTrust Web access management technology for its AppConnect program. AppConnect is a partnership that uses standardized data models and interfaces to connect PeopleSoft and non-PeopleSoft applications.

For RSA, the benefits of the collaboration are also clear.

"If you're a security company and you don't have partnerships with big software makers, you've got a problem," said Kolodgy. "You've got to partner with the companies whose products actually go out and touch customers."

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