Keeping the Momentum

How do you keep employees charged up about training so they'll put their new insights to use? Here are some tips:

- Create new performance measurements that drive the kind of behavior emphasized in the training. For instance, if workers are encouraged to find ways of cutting costs, give bonus or recognition awards to those who do so.

- Publicly highlight successes of groups and individuals. Send an e-mail to the whole staff or have a recognition luncheon to tout employees' accomplishments.

- Repeat the key message from the training program continually. Managers should talk about it every chance they get - in meetings, e-mails and informal conversations with employees.

- Have trainees present what they learned to their co-workers. It's a low-cost way to train a large staff, and by teaching others, the people who give the presentations will likely sharpen their understanding of the topics.

- Create follow-up activities. For instance, after Ameren's simulation training, attendees were given CDs so they could play the simulation game in their free time. Similarly, Kimberly-Clark has posted a quiz on its intranet for employees who want to test the knowledge they gained from the training.

- Have managers meet with small groups of employees to brainstorm for more ideas after the training.

- After simulation training, bring back teams periodically to compete again.

Sources: Michael Fischer, Kimberly-Clark Corp., and Matt Herzberg, Ameren Corp.

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