ClearSpeed shows 40G-bps network architecture

ClearSpeed Technology is looking for backers for a new network processing architecture which it said is 16 times more powerful than existing processors.

Network processors are used in devices such as routers and switches to direct data traffic across networks.

Demonstrating the 40G-bps (bit per second) network processing technology at the Embedded Processing Forum in San Jose, California, this week, Clearspeed said in a statement that the technology is being aimed at revenue-generating services, including voice over IP (Internet Protocol) and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) because of its ability to manage, prioritize, and bill for the massive amounts of data such services involve.

The technology behind the architecture can be compared to improving the postal service, ClearSpeed said. The company's architecture allows network operators to organize packets of data travelling over the Internet. The traffic is split into segments, making sure high-priority packets get to their destination quickly, the company said in a statement.

ClearSpeed hopes to license its semiconductor designs to system-on-chip vendors and network equipment manufacturers, the company said.

The Embedded Processor Forum, in San Jose, runs from Monday through Friday, June 15.

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