The Cult of Computerworld (and calendars)

A lot of effort has gone into sexing up IT in recent times.

The goal is to make it an attractive career option for school leavers and boost university enrolments in a bid to address skills shortages.

Not to mention the baby boomer exodus that will leave a gaping hole in the talent pool over the next decade.

But is IT really that ugly? Most of the population today is fairly sophisticated it its use of technology and people are using some pretty hot devices.

From mobile phones to notebooks and iPods, design is paramount. Or maybe, the people in IT aren't as sexy as the devices they use?

Actually, when I think about it, I've seen servers that would look better in a saucy calendar than my IT manager (I'm hoping he doesn't read this).

On the subject of calendars and eye candy, readers no doubt saw the IT Screen Goddesses initiative that featured in this magazine last week.

The calendar, featuring women in IT in scantily clad in classic Hollywood poses, has created a furore.

The goal was to address geek stereotypes, not undress feminist debate. But that's exactly what happened.

It's the usual story: how can semi naked women expect to be taken seriously?

Personally, I don't have a problem with the calendar, it's provocative and fun.

But I know for men, very visual creatures that they are, saucy calendars can create a distraction.

Strangely, when men see a bikini, concentration lapses and hearing degrades.

With men making up 80 percent of the industry, maybe any attempt to sex it up isn't such a great idea.

Imagine the server downtime, it would be corporate chaos!

Without being too frivolous, readers can join the debate by participating in our online poll. Finally, on the subject of all things beautiful, Computerworld celebrated its 28th anniversary last week.

That's right 28 years young and still going strong, thanks to you're support.

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