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ResCo digs up the right resources with Positive

Resources operations and maintenance service provider, ResCo has streamlined its payroll systems and reduced the time and costs associated with scheduling its shift-based workforce and pay processing since installing workforce management software from Positive.
  • 02 February, 2009 10:28

<p>Resources operations and maintenance service provider, ResCo, has installed workforce management software from Positive Workforce Solutions (Positive) to simplify and improve its payroll process.</p>
<p>Since deploying Positive’s flagship product, e-tivity* at four of its sites across Australia, ResCo has streamlined its payroll systems and reduced the time and costs associated with scheduling their shift-based workforce and pay processing.</p>
<p>Established in 2007, ResCo is a one-stop shop for clients in the resources sector - particularly mining - seeking skilled labour, operations expertise, maintenance of plant and equipment, and critical spares and consumables.</p>
<p>Craig Ransley, Executive Chairman and Founder, ResCo, says most systems on the market don’t cope with the rotating rosters and the complex awards common to the mining industry.</p>
<p>“Someone might work day shifts one week, nights the next and afternoons the week after,” he explains. “We needed a program which could cope with those changes and help us better manage our own resources internally.”</p>
<p>Ransley says the company chose e-tivity based on its flexibility to manage these very issues.</p>
<p>“I’ve been in this industry a long time and worked right across all the different software systems; nothing is as flexible as e-tivity,” says Ransley. “From how you pay people, to the range of different pay rates we can manage within one shift, it’s just brilliant.”</p>
<p>Already, ResCo has seen time savings, with one payroll officer taking just one day to process pays, down from the three days it took previously. This means that person is freed up to work in other areas, improving the overall efficiency of the payroll department.</p>
<p>“It’s not only the actual time savings we’re seeing, but also the need for less senior staff to manage the payroll process,” says Ransley. “This reduces our costs because it means our junior staff can manage the process, without needing an in-depth understanding of payroll.”</p>
<p>With the new system, timesheets are completed by employees and emailed or faxed to ResCo for processing. Payroll staff enter the data from the timesheets into e-tivity, which automatically corrects any calculation errors in the timesheets, such as total hours worked.</p>
<p>ResCo will soon implement Positive’s EziTime Clocks, which will automate the collection of timesheet information by recording what time employees start and finish their rostered tasks, using biometric finger scanners. That information will be transferred to the payroll system removing the need to manually enter the timesheet data.</p>
<p>“Even things like calculating penalty rates because an employee hasn’t had the necessary 10 hours between shifts are automatically detected and worked out by e-tivity,” Ransley says. “If we were still using a manual system, it would be down to the payroll officers to pick up those sorts of figures which can lead to errors.”</p>
<p>Ransley also praises e-tivity’s Work Rule Interpreter which automatically incorporates the relevant award rules and calculates pays accordingly.</p>
<p>“The mining sector is very different to a lot of other industries because there’s a lot of weekend work and roster rotation,” he explains. “By writing the IR rules into our system - an area that payroll officers don’t always understand - we’re really fool proofing ourselves against any potential errors.”</p>
<p>Ransley says the ‘set to roster’ capability has also proved useful, again saving time because, providing an employee’s timesheet matches the roster, payroll staff don’t need to manually type in that data.</p>
<p>According to Ransley, the implementation process was straightforward and Positive responded quickly to any requests from ResCo.</p>
<p>“If something didn’t work the way we expected or it needed modification, the setup was changed or the modifications done without any problems,” he says. “We also liked the fact that Positive actually understood payroll and the principles behind it – other companies are essentially software developers and don’t always appreciate what we’re trying to achieve.”</p>
<p>Ransley believes Positive’s local presence was also an advantage and says he would “absolutely” recommend e-tivity to other organisations.</p>
<p>“We are completely happy with e-tivity,” Ransley concludes.</p>
<p>About Positive Workforce Solutions</p>
<p>Positive Workforce Solutions is an Australian developer and supplier of easy-to-use workforce management software. We specialise in scheduling, time and attendance and work rule interpretation. Our award winning flagship product, e-tivity interfaces to most human resources and payroll software. Positive's workforce management solutions are successfully running in over 15,000 sites worldwide in various vertical markets, including the retail, manufacturing, hospitality and events industries.</p>
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