Oracle CEO Larry Ellison may have less time for takeovers after marrying romance novelist Melanie Craft over the Christmas break. It is his fourth marriage. The announcement came a day after Ellison delegated the duties of chairman at Oracle to Jeff Henley, the company’s long-time chief financial officer. Craft has a book due out in May called “Man Trouble”. It tells the story of a romance author who tries to pull off the seduction of the century by posing as the ideal wife for a billionaire playboy who is struggling with business trouble because of his bad-boy image, according to a description of the book on Craft’s Web site.


IT consultant and his team are working late one evening when everything stops. Their server has died — and it’s behind two locked doors. While they wait for the system manager to arrive to restart the server, they find a key to the outer door. Then they jimmy the server room door with a knife, reboot the server themselves and call the manager to say he can return home. “At our next company meeting, the managers tell everyone how resourceful we were and call us up for a small award,” IT reports. “We are each given a pair of handcuffs — and told, ‘Good job, but don’t do that again’.”

A search for the phrase “miserable failure” on the search engine Google brings up the biography of the US President, George Bush, on the White House Web site. It is one of the more prominent examples of search-engine manipulation. The phrase does not appear in the biography. But computer users rigged the results from the popular search engine by posting the phrase on Web pages that linked straight to the biography — a technique called Google bombing.


Software giant Microsoft has announced it will delete the swastika, a Nazi emblem, from new versions of its widely used Office program and offer tools to remove and replace the offending characters from existing versions of the software suite. The company said the symbol was included in Microsoft’s “Bookshelf Symbol 7” font and was derived from a Japanese font set. A form of the swastika has been used for centuries in the Buddhist religion but was made infamous when it was adopted by German dictator Adolf Hitler as the symbol of his Nazi Party. Microsoft said it had been in contact with Jewish groups and it had posted an online utility to remove the offending characters.

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