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Vodafone Quarterly Customer Information

  • 29 January, 2004 08:48

<p>Sep-03 Dec 03
Customer Numbers</p>
<p>Total Closing 2,627,000 2,676,000</p>
<p>Net Additions 34,000 49,000</p>
<p>% Pre-paid 53% 55%</p>
<p>Active Customer Information %</p>
<p>Contract 91% 90%
Pre-paid 93% 90%
Total 92% 90%</p>
<p>ARPU Annualised 12 Month Rolling $A</p>
<p>Contract 879 897
Pre-paid 286 280
Total 587 579</p>
<p>28 January 2004</p>
<p>Vodafone Group Plc (“Vodafone”) announces today key performance indicators for the quarter
ended 31 December 2003. The main highlights are:
· Over 4.3 million organic net additions in the quarter, increasing the proportionate customer
base to over 130.4 million
· Blended annual ARPU up €4 to €359 in Italy, stable at €311 in Germany and reduced ¥1,901
to ¥82,917 in Japan, compared to September 2003. Excluding the £4 uplift from acquiring
Singlepoint, ARPU in the UK was up £2 to £299
· Total data revenues increased to 15.9% of controlled service revenues for the year to
December 2003 from 13.9% for the prior year
· 4.5 million controlled Vodafone live! customers at the end of December, with a further 0.4
million customers in non-controlled operations
· Mobile Connect Card customers in controlled operations increased to 167,000
Arun Sarin, Chief Executive of Vodafone, commented: “These are a great set of KPI’s, recording
our strongest organic customer growth in 3 years. We continue to be delighted with the progress
of Vodafone live! which has proved to be a real point of difference during the last quarter in many
of our markets.
“Overall, these figures are slightly better than our expectations and are consistent with the outlook
we gave at our interim results. This solid performance provides a strong platform for the year
Customer Growth
In total, over 5.1 million registered proportionate customers were added in the quarter, including
0.8 million from stake changes, primarily in Greece. The total proportionate base increased to
130.4 million, up nearly 16% on December 2002.
A strong competitive performance in Germany and Italy showed through in proportionate net
additions of 888,000 and 507,000 respectively. In the UK, net additions of 464,000 were at the
highest level since March 2001, demonstrating the increased level of investment in growth.
Vodafone live! customers increased to 4.5 million in controlled operations. The UK passed 1
million customers during the quarter, reaching 1,030,000 customers by 31 December 2003, with
Germany at 1,580,000 and Italy at 780,000. Vodafone live! is now available in 15 countries,
including 2 associates in France and Switzerland, and will be launched in Belgium during 2004.
Since its launch on 29 October 2003, SFR in France added 330,000 customers by the end of the
In addition, the Group has a further 12.8 million Vodafone live! customers following the rebranding
of J-Sky in Japan on 1 October 2003. Over 86% of Vodafone K.K.’s registered customer base has
a Vodafone live! enabled handset.
Active customers in the Group’s controlled businesses were unchanged at 93% of total customers.
Registered Blended ARPU
Blended ARPU in the UK increased to £303 for the year to December 2003, up from £297 for the
year to September 2003. The increase in blended and contract ARPU benefited by £4 and £10
respectively from the acquisition of Singlepoint, which was completed on 22 September 2003.
Prepay and contract ARPU also improved as a result of increased usage.
In Italy, blended ARPU increased from €355 to €359, driven by the continued focus on higher value
customers, particularly in the corporate segment. Blended ARPU in Germany remained stable at
€311, with lower usage, but lower subsidy, contract tariffs remaining popular.
In Japan, blended ARPU continued to reduce, reflecting the success of the prepay offering, the
competitive environment and increasing penetration in the Japanese market.
Data as a percentage of service revenues
For the Group’s controlled operations, data as a percentage of service revenues continued to
grow, increasing to 15.9% for the year to December 2003, up from 15.5% for the year to
September. Data in the month of December 2003 was 17.3%, up from 16.0% in December 2002.
Excluding Japan, the percentage of service revenues from non-messaging data revenue has
increased from 0.7% in December 2002 to 1.6% in December 2003, demonstrating the initial
benefits from Vodafone live! and new business services during 2003.
- ends -
For further information:
Vodafone Group
Tim Brown, Group Corporate Affairs Director
Tel: +44 (0) 1635 673310</p>
<p>Investor Relations
Melissa Stimpson
Darren Jones
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<p>**For the Vodafone Group Plc customer information tables that accompany this release, please contact Kristen Allen Savage &amp; Horrigan 02 9268 1506.</p>

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