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Informatica Announces Data Transformation Accelerator for Improving Operational Efficiency and Business Agility

Slash development cost by 75% with faster time-to-results
  • 24 December, 2008 10:17

<p>Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the leading independent provider of data integration software and services, today announced the availability of Informatica Data Transformation Accelerator – a new tool that enables companies to dramatically reduce the cost of on-boarding and managing electronic business partners.</p>
<p>Efficiency in Today’s Macro-economic Climate
The Data Transformation Accelerator is the latest addition to the Informatica B2B Data Exchange family of products; technologies that enable multi-enterprise data integration. The Data Transformation Accelerator (Accelerator) makes it possible for business analysts to quickly create and validate data mappings using Excel, substantially reducing the back-and-forth communication between analysts and IT developers that is typically required to complete multi-enterprise integration projects. With this new release, companies will increase the agility of their business-to-business relationships by empowering analysts to specify and test mapping rules directly, accelerating the integration of systems and partner on-boarding, and shortening QA cycles. In streamlining these processes across the development cycle, Accelerator has been shown to reduce the time and effort involved by up to 75 percent.</p>
<p>Supporting Industry Standards
GfK Marketing (Growth from Knowledge), one of the largest market research firms in the world uses B2B Data Transformation to integrate large volumes of data on a daily basis, including data in HTML format from product comparison websites and proprietary point of sale systems from retailers all over France.</p>
<p>“Automating the real-time integration of complex data resulted in a number of benefits including eliminating 75 percent in data mapping costs, automatically processing 80 percent of errors, creating new products, new business and new value for GfK customers,” said Fabrice Benaut, CIO, GfK France. “With the newest release of B2B Data Transformation, we are planning to add to the benefits already realised by empowering our data analysts to directly create the rules for integrating that data from external sources.”</p>
<p>The Data Transformation Accelerator is available as an option to the Informatica B2B Data Transformation product. B2B Data Transformation provides near universal transformation of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data like flat files, Word, PDF and Excel documents, or databases, including support for industry standards such as HIPAA, ACORD, EDI-X12, NACHA and SWIFT. Along with the new release of the Data Transformation Accelerator, B2B Data Transformation provides new capabilities that make it easy to customise these industry standards to meet company and partner-specific requirements.</p>
Informatica B2B Data Transformation 8.6.1 is currently available. For further product information, please visit the B2B Data Transformation website.</p>
<p>About Informatica
Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is the leading independent provider of enterprise data integration software and services. With Informatica, organisations can gain greater business value by integrating all their information assets from across the enterprise. More than 3,350 companies worldwide rely on Informatica to reduce the cost and expedite the time to address data integration needs of varying complexity and scale. For more information, please visit</p>

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